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  • Lyndon B Johnson Blame For The Vietnam War Analysis

    All post world war II presidents have had some involvement in the Vietnam conflict, but does that mean we blame them all for this failure? Does the sins of Lyndon B. Johnson equal Harry S. Truman? Of course not, each president had different levels of involvement, and such the blame should not be equally shared. Lyndon B. Johnson should be held the most responsible for the lives, and money lost followed by Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the least accountable Harry S.…

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  • Voluntourism Research Paper

    Introduction Volunteer tourism is also known as Voluntourism. Voluntourism is when tourists combine volunteering work with travel. It is growing rapidly in the tourism industry in the recent years. It is estimated that there are a total of 1.6 million volunteer tourists, spending about $1.7-2.6 billion each year. The average cost for each volunteer is about $3000 per trip. (Marketing, 2008) Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) started off in 1958 to improve in areas such as education and…

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  • The Causes And Effects Of Deforestation In Southeast Asia

    forests which leads to further deforestation. Daniel Drollette talks about illegal loggers in his article, “So much forest has been cleared to feed the growing number of sawmills that loggers have moved across the borders into neighboring Laos and Cambodia, where they are illegally razing forests there.” Vietnam is now number two in global coffee production; therefore, a lot of their forests are cut down and replaced with coffee bushes causing certain species to go extinct. Deforestation in Asia…

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  • Child Trafficking Problem

    “Child trafficking is the recruitment, transporting, and transfer of children.”( Busuttil). Many children around the work are taken out of their homes and sold into labour and sex rings for profit. These traffickers use money and deceit to take these kids and exploit them for their own purposes. Young children some still under the age of ten are forcefully taken from their protective environment because they are vulnerable and weak. These traffickers prey on the vulnerability of young children…

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  • Analysis Of Angelina Jolie's The Aim Of Man

    who go out of their way to do something right with the world. Angelina Jolie is a devoted humanitarian who has worked in many different underdeveloped areas. She has made many headlines for her work such as obtaining aid for refugees in places like Cambodia, Darfur, and Jordan, just to name a few select places. Jolie was given an ambassador's position for the UN refugee agency 16 years ago in 2001 for her work in her life pursuit of happiness for those surrounding her. (4, Biography Editors,…

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  • Background Of Coca Cola Company

    The history of Coca-Cola begins in the year 1886. An Atlanta pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton created a distinctive tasting soft drink which was just inspired by his simple curiosity. He created the syrup by mixing it with carbonated water and then sampled it to the customers. Every customer agreed that the new drink was something special and excellent. Therefore, Jacobs’ Pharmacy put the new drink on sale for five cents each glass. The new drink was then named ‘Coca-Cola’ by Frank M.…

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  • What Is The Role Of Communism In Vietnam

    country 's citizens. Vietnam’s GNI per capita reached the highest ever with 5,070 PPP US dollars by 2013. It is also similar to the total GNI, which is a gradual upswing. In comparison to the other countries in South East Asia such as Indonesia and Cambodia, Vietnam’s GNI per capita is average. According to World Bank, in 2014, Vietnam ranked 152nd worldwide with 5,350 PPP US dollars. Disposable income per capita has been steadily rising in real terms as the economy has grown. In 2010, it was…

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  • Compare And Contrast Containment And The Reagan Doctrine

    During the beginning of Reagan's presidency the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union increased. In 1983 the prime minister of Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean, was assassinated. Soviet money and Cuban troops then came to Grenada and started to built an airfield. Reagan administration then sent troops to Grenada. This sent a message that the Reagan administration would not allow communism in their region. (“Digital History”) This was the first time Reagan applied force…

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  • Asian American Struggles

    Invisible and Struggling Asian Americans are generally known for their diligent work ethics, their high levels of education and the high paying job that follows from their education. This stereotype is even supported with statistical data, Asian Americans holding a higher median household income, $66,000, compared to the general population’s $49,800 (Pew Research Center). With a rise in Asian immigrants and the Asian American populace as a whole and how they are projected to be the largest…

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  • Costco: Ethical Business Practices

    millions in lawsuits, legal fees and reconstruction of their image, significantly lowering their profit. Nike is a famous company that saw the effects their lack of ethics had on their profit. In 1996, Nike was accused of child labor in Pakistan and Cambodia, as well as poor working conditions in China and Vietnam. This started a strong anti-sweatshop activist movement against Nike as a result “in the period between August 997 and January 1998, Nike’s stock on the market fell from $66 per share,…

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