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  • Kent State Shooting Research Paper

    Richard Nixon was elected president, and many hoped for him to bring an end to the Vietnam war. While the Vietnam war was coming to end during President Nixon 's first year in presidency the war sprung back into action with America 's invasion of Cambodia during late April 1970. President Nixon 's announcement of the invasion instilled outrage across the nation launching antiwar protests. After the news was released students at Kent State University immediately…

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  • Imperialism Causes

    France was another nation which used imperialism for their benefit as a nation. They had established power in South-East Asia (Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam), in the Pacific Islands as well as in the North West of Africa. Imperialism was a long term cause of The Great War as it was seen that the more colonies you had seized then the more power you had. NATIONALISM In the lead-up to World…

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  • Compare And Contrast World War Vs Vietnam War

    WWII vs Vietnam War Reason War Began: a. World War II: Started in Europe on September third 1939, when the Head administrator of England, Neville Chamberlain, announced war on Germany. It included large portions of the world 's nations. It was begun by Germany in an unmerited assault on Poland. England and France pronounced war on Germany after Hitler had declined to prematurely end his invasion of Poland. Vietnam War: Started in the late 1950 's as a contention between the United…

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  • The Ideology Of Obedience In The Holocaust

    The Ideology of Obedience Hitler once said, “Make Germany great again,” not knowing that these words would influence Nazi soldiers to commit one of the biggest genocides in history. Germany, Africa, Cambodia, Guatemala and many other countries have experienced genocides that have marked their country’s history. Genocides occur due to the hatred or despise toward another group of people. Obedience plays a huge role in existence and making of a genocide. These genocides mainly occur because…

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  • Ho Chi Minh Dbq

    LBJ, at first, did not want to engage in battle, but ultimately did because of invasion from North Vietnam into the South. When Nixon stepped into office, he wanted to continue bombing around North Vietnam and into Cambodia. Each policy that each President brought to the table seemed to only work for a little bit, but the Vietnamese military proved the stronger out of the two armies. The U.S., after signing the treaty on January 27, 1973, had agreed to remove their…

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  • The Importance Of Theatre For Social Change

    Theatre has been a long standing way to make people think about issues more than themselves. With the trying times the world is facing today Theatre for Social Change is needed now more than ever. Catherine Fillox’s Selma’65 Confronts Voting Rights Rollbacks, and Eleanor Bishop Steers Steubenvilleto Address Campus Rape are two articles with the most current issues college campuses face today. Filloux’s previous work on binge drinking, as well as her current play about youth being silenced for…

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  • Federalist 47: The Power Of The Government

    Federalist 47 argues that “the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands,” is a form of tyranny. The Foundering Fathers, especially the authors of the Federalist Papers were concerned with the powers of the executive, legislature and judiciary being consolidated into one area, due to the fear of totalitarianism. Thus, in Federalist 51, James Madison that “the power surrendered by the people,” to the United States of America’s government must be…

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  • Glacier Climate Change

    Glaciers and Climate Change Glacier ice is the largest reservoir of freshwater, supporting one third of the world's population. Glaciers exist on all continents except Australia and at virtually all latitudes from the tropics to the poles. “How can a piece of a very large ice effect anything?” was my thought before I truly know what glacier is. According to national snow & ice data center, glaciers are made up accumulation of fallen snow exceeds its ablation over many years, and even centuries.…

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  • What Does Heart Of Darkness Mean To Be Human

    who is an ivory trader who has gone far too deep into the jungles of Africa in search of ivory, versus in “Apocalypse Now”, Kurtz is more of a high-ranking officer in the military who has disobeyed orders and is now fighting the Vietnam war in Cambodia with his unit in his own…

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  • The Role Of Music In The Anti-War Movement

    Throughout history, war antagonists transformed their concern, empathy, and anger into emotional poetry, visual art, or music. Although war culture typically fell into the pro-war category, the Vietnam War’s musical culture was different from other wars in that its song fell into the anti-war category because of the negative sentiment towards the war that new technology and the media were perpetuating. Rock and Roll eventually became knows as the “weapon of cultural revolution”, as it influenced…

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