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  • Why Is Child Labour Wrong

    The young children were implied by Nike to stitch together footballs by hand in Pakistan and Cambodia. This information affected their brand and as a result, they lost customers, therefore, sales and they have changed their labor force to over 16s however there is no real knowing this statement is true. In our opinion, they should eliminate child…

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  • Colonel Kurtz Colonialism

    Colonialism and war are two different ideologies and purposes, but many times they have walked on the same path. Conquering and colonizing another land has been around since the beginning of time, the Roman Empire, the British Empire and many more. It was not a good thing but it happened. The British Empire is most notorious colonization must be the colonization of America, which found the country we have now. As glory as we can say about the Revolutionary War and the Independence of our…

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  • The Effects Of Vietnam And The Watergate Scandal

    slowly be withdrawn while South Vietnamese troops, backed by U.S. bombing, would take up fighting. However, Vietnamization did not end the war or end the antiwar movement like Nixon had planned. In early 1970, Nixon ordered U.S. troops into neutral Cambodia, in order to disrupt supply lines to the South. But the invasion did not achieve its military goals, and it destabilized the Cambodian government, starting a chain of events that brought the Khmer Rouge to power and…

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  • The Old Man Isn T There Anymore By Kellie Schney Analysis

    A Dive Into Culture In the story, “The Old Man Isn’t There Anymore,” the author, Kellie Schmitt, focuses heavily on the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. Schmitt challenges the reader by introducing concepts that were not yet known to the reader and making her recall the differences that she has faced in the past regarding different cultures. Schmitt uses her experience from the past three years of her living in Shanghai, China, she illustrates the contrast between the two…

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  • Why Is Slavery Important To America

    One of the many life lessons that could be pulled from this Unit is, it is often beneficial to think and consider others in our lives. One of the rough patches in the history of America is slaves. A slave is a person who is held in servitude as the chattel of another (Merriam-Webster). The people of America would use these slaves to help them with yard and house word on a plantation, a large farm. When the slave trade first started the slaves came from Africa on large, confined ships. They would…

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  • Nike Globalization Analysis

    started making serious money. This is where the switch from an athlete serving athlete to money making business occurred. Naturally, after searching for cheaper and better place to manufacture their products they ended up in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Indonesia, China and Mexico, the typical sweatshop havens of the world. In all fairness Nike is not the only business reaping benefits of the extreme gap in economic conditions of the world, but as a very public company…

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  • Giant Catfish Case Study

    other wetland zones. Not much information is known about the habitat of juvenile giant catfishes as they are very rare to be found. Genetic analyses have shown the possibility of two individual spawning grounds located in Northern Thailand and in Cambodia but further investigation is needed for…

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  • Where Sweatshops Are A Dream

    He tells about the garbage dumps “of festering refuse… emitting clouds of smoke from subterranean fires” in order to give the audience a sense of disgust (Kristof). He uses various stories and quotes from people living in the garbage dumps of Cambodia. Then, he backs up and shows how good sweatshops are in comparison. This point is also surrounded with personal stories. Smirl’s arguments are more systematic. She addresses how people romanticize the idea of locally grown food because they…

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  • Essay On Sun Bear

    Did you know that there is a bear that is smaller than most humans? This bear is the Sun Bear. The Sun Bear has many unique qualities including that it is the smallest bear on the world! The Sun Bear is very interesting to learn about, and is not hard to learn about either. A Sun Bear is very simple, but yet really fun to learn about! This is a great animal to learn about in class. I hope that you enjoy learning about this animal, because I did. Sun Bears are very interesting animals, and here…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between The Cold War And Communism

    The Cold War, a war not of physical combat but everything else, a war between capitalism and communism, a war like the many before it, bears with it shortcomings along with merits. This war made both sides tense and paranoid. President Truman would introduce his famous Truman Doctrine, which would confirm the paranoia against the communist regime. Which in turn angered neighboring nations, The kremlin, and select few Americans. The war caused the two superpowers to set their sights to the stars…

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