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  • Mymaran Paragraph

    significant handicaps. It is never hurtful to keep trying and trying till the end. Myanmar is a country, the size of Texas. The country is divided into seven states based on seven major nationalities- Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Burma, Moon, Ya Khing, and Shan, and 135 different minor ethnic group. It is a country that…

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  • Naypyidaw Case Study

    On Sunday November 6, 2005, the Myanmese military government officially relocated the national capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw in a rural mountainous valley in southern Mandalay Division. The next day, Myanmar’s Information Minister, General Kyaw Hasan announced that the country’s capital would be a newly established city in Pyinmana District. On March 2, 2006, the new administrative capital in Kyatpyae Village of Pyinmana District was publicly named “Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Daw). Capital city often…

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  • Killing The Elephant By George Orwell Character Analysis

    Plenty of people would see Orwell as a brave person for killing the elephant and saving all those people. In reality, he was just scared and ended up doing what the crowd expected him to do. As a policeman, his duty was to protect the crowd from the wild elephant, but killing the elephant just because people were cheering for him to do it was the issue. Looking at how Orwell handled the situation tells a lot about him at this age. Like how during his younger days, Orwell made poor choices,…

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  • Stereotypes In American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

    American Born Chinese is a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang about various characters dealing with stereotypes, and prejudices. Two main characters that seem to struggle with this are the monkey king and Jinn. The monkey king is the king of all monkey's on his island. He is looked at as a god and respected by every monkey on the island. But when he is invited to a dinner party for all the gods, he realizes that nobody else has respect for him. By everyone else he is looked at as a dirty monkey.…

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  • The Elephant In The Village Of The Blind Short Story

    The elephant in the village of the blind The elephant in the village of the blind is a traditional Indian story about a village where everyone was blind. A traveler came to the village with an elephant. The villagers did not know what an elephant was and the traveler asked them to see for themselves. Since none of the villagers could see, they had to touch the animal and draw their conclusion on what the elephant could be. Several villagers went and touched the animal. They all formed their…

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  • Reading Response: Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

    Adrianna Geisler ENGL1010 Essay #1 8 Sept. 2015 Reading Response Essay for “Shooting an Elephant” In the essay “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, the author is trying to show how imperialism can have strong effects on someone. In addition, Orwell describes his personal decision to shoot an elephant after the animal kills a man. He does not initially intend on killing the animal, but anti-imperialism and the pressure of the crowd really get to him. Orwell states that the only reason he…

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  • Countdown To Annihilation: Genocide In Myanmar Case Study

    A report published last Thursday by the International Crime Initiative (ISCI), an organization affiliated to the Queen Mary University in the UK and partnered with Harvard University, is once again turning the world’s attention to the Rohingyas, a Muslim ethnic minority from western Myanmar. Titled “Countdown to Annihilation: Genocide in Myanmar” and written by a team of scholars, activists and journalists, the research is an in-depth analysis of the policies implemented by successive Burmese…

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  • Compare And Contrast Imperialism In A Passage To India

    The British in A Passage to India believed that they “were necessary to India; there would certainly be bloodshed without them” (Forster 103). The Indians, on the other hand, did not feel the same way; they were being oppressed in their own country and they could do very little about improving their lack of power. The English’s strong control is epitomized when two English visitors go on a trip to the Marabar Caves with Doctor Aziz, the main character. One of the English visitors is allegedly…

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  • Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Case Study

    Rohingya influx in Bangladesho The case of Rohingya refugee is a contentious matter which hampers the relation between Myanmar and Bangladesh since 1970s. The crisis of Rohingya problem started in the Rakhaine state of Myanmar when the then military Janta governments widespread violence of human rights against the Muslim minority. Having no citizenship right and continuously tortured by the state sponsored violence Rohingya people fled Myanmar and entered neighboring countries mainly Bangladesh…

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  • Rohingya Conclusion And Analysis

    Thousands of muslims rohingya have escape from Myanmar, many of them are crossing by land into the border of Bangladesh. while some others choose to take the sea to reach others countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The discriminatory policies of the myanmar government in rakhin state, which have caused hundred of thousands of rohingya to flee sinced the late 1970s. Their plight has been compounded by the responses of many of Myanmar’s neighbors, which have been slow to take in…

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