Killing The Elephant By George Orwell Character Analysis

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Plenty of people would see Orwell as a brave person for killing the elephant and saving all those people. In reality, he was just scared and ended up doing what the crowd expected him to do. As a policeman, his duty was to protect the crowd from the wild elephant, but killing the elephant just because people were cheering for him to do it was the issue. Looking at how Orwell handled the situation tells a lot about him at this age. Like how during his younger days, Orwell made poor choices, which lead him to act foolishly.
Orwell appeared to be insensitive and tough throughout the story. In the essay, he didn’t seem to care or feel bad about the dead guy. Instead of calling help for someone to take care of the body, he just asked for a
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There was nothing humane in killing that elephant; he was lacking the basic knowledge to kill it painlessly. His job as a policeman should be to protect people. He was aware that elephants suffer from must, which can be a handful to handle. Yet he did not know how to painlessly put down the elephant. Orwell was trying not to be cruel but his action ended up being that way, “I sent back for my small rifle and poured shot after shot into his heart and down his throat. They seem to make no impression.” (¶12) A good amount of people would try to kill an animal as humanely as possible. Orwell did try to avoid making this elephant suffer. The first shot did not go as planned so he kept on going. It was a hideous sight, not just with Orwell trying to end this poor creatures life as quickly as possible but also he himself was vicious. Orwell stated that his hits made no impression to the elephant. Shooting the elephant did not kill it right away, however, it did damage to the animal. His technique to killing the elephant made no impression to him, but clearly, it did to the elephant. It added a great amount of discomfort to the elephant. The way it’s just laying there surrounded with blood, and people watching it must have been a revolting sight. The entire event, however, left a great impression to him. This experience will forever haunt him and will be in grieved in his

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