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  • Dehumanization In The Rohingya

    The Muslim Rohingya minority have lived alongside the predominately Buddhist majority in Burma since the 11th century (“Persecution of,” n.d.). According to Wikipedia, Burmese King Bayinnaung banned prominent Muslim holidays such as Eid al-Adha and Eid al- Fitr (“Persecution of,” n.d.). Shortly after, Burmese king Bodawpaya slaughtered four of the country’s most influential religious leaders for refusing to eat pork (“Persecution of,” n.d.). Recently, in June 2012, the brutality escalated…

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  • Analysis Of George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

    Part 1: Exploring “Shooting An Elephant” by George Orwell 1. What words could you use to describe the character that Orwell makes of himself in this piece? He illustrates himself as vulnerable, powerless, weak and, someone who seeks for acceptance. He is also sympathetic yet confused. He is not able to speak for himself and dose what is expected of him. He displays himself as the victim of Burmese. Orwell was annoyed by the humility he was getting from the native. They made him feel pressured…

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  • Aung San Suu Kyi

    San Suu Kyi, founder of the National League of Democracy (NLD), is taking a stand in history by helping Burma overcome the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC). By peacefully protesting against Dictator U Ne Win and the organization he is behind since 1988, she has saved numerous Burmese citizens from losing their lives and family members. When Suu Kyi overcame Dictator U Ne Win, Burma became a Democracy, and Aung San Suu Kyi earned a Nobel Peace Prize and the trust of her people.…

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  • Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell Analysis

    The values in a person’s life often result in a difficulty to make a decision in a time of conflict. In the two texts, “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell and “The Guest” by Albert Camus, it can be seen that the two protagonists struggle in making a decision due to their values. A personal reflective of myself can also display that I have also dealt with, where my values interfere with a conflict that I was facing. The values in conflict we face as an individual influences us to make a…

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  • Why Can T We Protect Elephant Analysis

    The following post is a response to the article “Why Can't We Protect Elephants?” written by Maggie Shipstead for Sunday Review and the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell. “Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if need be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure” (Connell). This quote is giving people the idea that there is only space for the strong in the world. They are the only ones who have any…

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  • The Rohingya Is The World's Most Persecuted Minority

    In the article “Who are the Rohingya” the writer described them as “the world’s most persecuted minority”. Among the Rohingya’s majority of them are Muslim, there is a minority of hindu. There were around 1.1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar. Myanmar is a Buddhist majority country, the Rohingya people are living in that country for centuries. Most of the Rohingya lives in the western coastal state of Rakhaine and have faced a huge lack of basic needs. Since they are being tortured by the…

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  • Shooting An Elephant

    humanity and political dominance whose imperialism is torturing other people from different races. -His struggle with his job, his empire and within himself is expressed throughout the essay. 2. Summary The story takes place in Moulmein, Burma, a colony of the British government. The main character is an English police officer working there who is struggling with his internal conflict. He holds a deep hatred towards his own job and the British imperialism. Although he has a distaste…

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  • Shooting An Elephant Imperialism

    raided some fruit stalls…”(324) As a result, the evil of imperialism has taken over all of their belongings. They are already poor because of the taking over of England. Orwell even mentions that these things happened in the poor quarter of Moulmein, Burma. The elephant is killing their food and shelter. Orwell shows the parallelism between the elephant and the British empire; the British has invaded their country just like the elephant has invaded the town. They have already lost so much to the…

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  • George Orwell Shooting And Elephant Analysis

    In all honesty before reading “Shooting and Elephant” I was rather apathetic and slightly pessimistic. That’s why it came to my surprise as to how much I enjoyed this short story written by George Orwell. The setting takes place in Burma where Orwell, the main character encounters a difficult dilemma with the infamous elephant. Although I knew the elephant’s death was inevitable, the way in which and how he died still seemed to greatly startle me. Right off the bat Orwell makes it evidently…

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  • George Orwell Shooting An Elephant

    George Orwell is a very smart man and displays his intelligence in his short story “Shooting an Elephant,”. When George Orwell wrote “Shooting an Elephant,” he made one of the characters go through this exact situation in a brilliant manner. There are many very advanced strategies that Orwell displays in his short story. In George Orwell's short story “Shooting an Elephant,” he provides examples that uncover more in the story than what meets the eye and gives a bit more meaning than the average…

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