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  • My Response To George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

    Where is the Change? An essay inspired by Shooting an Elephant I would like to thank George Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant for providing inspiration for the essay you are about to read, and for teaching students around the world an important aspect of the human condition. I sat on the edge of the river bank, watching the ripples float past. As I looked out into the water it was then that I saw it, floating past with the grace of a swan. The only evidence of its path being the trail of…

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  • Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell Analysis

    "How Free is the Will of the Individual Within Society?" A question someone would ask may be, "How free is the will of the individual within society?" Does society force individuals to do certain things and deal with certain people or does the individual have a say in what they do and who they encounter? Going further, free will is the ability to do something without being forced upon on doing so. Free will is by far a very beneficial aspect since if allows you to determine the outcome of an…

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  • Shooting The Elephant Compare And Contrast Essay

    Fakhara, Rabab E.L.A B30 Mrs. Tabitha, Booth Feb. 28, 2017 Compare and Contrast Essay Everyone has their own values that they deal with, some are more important than others while some we forget to follow. We lose some of our values because we start valuing the values of others in our peer group, just to fit in. Everyone deals with their values differently. Both stories are more different than similar , where one character gives up his value to…

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  • Shooting An Elephant And No Witchcraft For Sale

    Short stories are perfect examples of pieces of writing that can influence us and teach us many valuable literary lessons. They can have the same effect as novels. Two very important short stories that have been studied are Shooting An Elephant and No Witchcraft for Sale. Both of these stories contain special accounts of the narrator’s experiences. Three messages from these two short stories are: Don’t let peer pressure make your decisions, know who your enemies are, and believe in yourself.…

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  • Essay On George Orwell Imperialism

    Orwell and Imperialism Abstract: I propose to conduct a research on Imperialism and it’s impact on both the colonized country and the colonizer. In order to a certain the economic, social and historical effects that it has on the nations involved in imperialism. I ultimately hope to find the seeds of imperialism under the mask of anti-imperialism through George Orwell writing “Shooting an elephant”. Imperialism is a policy, which was developed by the superiority and arrogance that could be…

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  • The Things They Carried: Chapter Analysis

    Analysis Paper: The Things They Carried Part One: The chapter entitled How to Tell a War Story contains a moment from Tim O’Brien’s’ time at war where he recalls when Rat Kiley shoots a baby water buffalo uncontrollably. Rat Kiley has recently lost his best friend Curt Lemon due to their own stupidity. Kiley proves to be in a very delicate state after this, which can explain why he takes his frustration and anger out on this baby buffalo. He doesn’t just shoot the buffalo once to end its’ life.…

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  • Utilizing Narration In George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

    James Alex Plunk February 23, 2017 FWS Literary Journalism Kindley Utilizing Narration Narration is the way in which writers communicate with the audience. Authors have multiple options when deciding how to narrate their stories. The way that they employ narration can affect how the writing comes across and can result in different responses from readers. An author’s choice in how he or she narrates their writing is directly correlated with their objective for the piece. This can be…

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  • George Orwell Shooting And Elephant Summary

    Could you shoot an animal to save your pride or to not look like a fool to others? Some of you may say yes and some may say no. In Orwell’s “Shooting and Elephant” he puts his personal experience as a police officer in Burma and an insight on the imperialism during this time. Orwell goes into detail how he hated his job and he was against the corruption and inhumanity that was going on. Until one day an incident happened, which Orwell was called to take care of an aggressive elephant that had…

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  • Murdered An Elephant

    Why a British Officer Murdered an Elephant? This summary is about the journey of a police officer in Burma. Its based on the short story Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell. It’s all about just how this police officer killed the elephant and how he arrived at his decision. This story it about roles, feelings, morality and inconsistency of a man and his power. One of the most important aspects of this story is how this young man felt about his job. At the beginning, he makes it very clear that…

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  • Say Goodbye To The Elephants Summary

    Did you know that wild animals have attitudes? I thought it wasn’t true, but it honestly is and it can be seen in both The World’s First Superstar by Lauren Tarshis and in Say Goodbye To The Elephants by Adee Braun. These two articles are perfect examples of how attitudes have changed since Jumbo’s time and why they have changed. All animals have done a good job showing that they have attitudes, and that we need to respect them. They have changed since Jumbos time due to the evolution of…

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