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  • African Art Museum Experience

    Going to two of the most popular museums in New York City to learn about African art and history did not seem of interest to me until I was forced to by the Summer Class I was taking at Pace. In my mind I kept thinking it was going to be a waste of my time when I could be enjoying my summer weekend in the city. However, I was mistaken and my breath was taken away from our history of humans to the African tradition and how it impacts us. This project showed me the connection of art and history in…

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  • Metropolitan Museum Case Study

    Displaying the artwork appropriately is also of utmost importance when planning a museum. The order in which pieces are displayed affects the flow of the visitor’s experience. Appropriate height for each piece requires consideration. Additionally, the ambiance and size of the room also hold specific requirements in a museum setting. The Louvre established standards in all of the above mentioned areas. When designing the Met, architects took these aspects into consideration in attempts to…

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  • Symbolism Symbols In Macbeth

    Symbol Example from story Importance Act 1: Nature “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.”- Lady Macbeth (Act 1 scene 5 line 72-73) “The air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle sense.” - King Duncan (Act 1, Scene 6, Line 1-2) “... heaven’s breath smells wooingly here.” - Banquo (Act 1, Scene 6, Line 6-7) All of these lines compare Macbeth to something in nature. Lady Macbeth’s line says that Macbeth needs to look like a flower but really be a snake deep…

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  • Group Project Observation Report

    bridge gaps between our museums and its audiences through reinforcing the educational role of our museums and making them more accessible for people with disabilities. Yet, today, the educational role in our museums is not as effective as it should be. Indeed, due to several factors, our museums in Saudi Arabia cannot engage their audiences in conversations about particular topics such as social justice, women rights, labor rights, racism, and so on. With that being said, our museums should take…

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  • Worcester Art Museum Case Study

    organization which could benefit from innovative IT solutions. We chose an organization which we can visit, connect and communicate with easily, to get more information on their issues. To attain our goal, we decided to work with the library of Worcester Art Museum (WAM). After visiting this organization several times, we analyzed the situations of the library. We had a detailed conversation with the librarian, and finally decided to work on 2 major issues which the library faces. We know how…

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  • Feminism In Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party

    quilts and thousands of patches, as it was donated to Hite Art Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. Further, the acknowledgement panels containing the names of the volunteers are no longer displayed, and the documentary panels were sold to the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. Finally, the Heritage Panels are also absent, although the remaining pieces of the installation are still located within the Brooklyn…

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  • Museum Of Modern Art Analysis

    With all the museums and galleries to choose from, I chose, The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Museum of Modern Art. They have totally different designs in the way of navigation. The Art Gallery of Ontario has a navigation bar at the top which is quite standard these days for website design. The museum of Modern Art has a unique way of designing their website homepage as it has a navigation at the bottom of the website. With that said, The Art Gallery of Ontario has their main navigation easy…

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  • Analysis Of Punggol: From Kampung To Developmental Heartland

    Chen Yiqi GEM1902P Reflection Piece Punggol – From Kampung to Developmental Heartland On the walls of the void decks of towering blocks of HDB flats in Edgefield Plains, one would be surprised to find a series of murals filling the public space. Painted along the outer edges and corners of the HDB flats, being incorporated into dents on the walls and pillars, its cartoonish style is juxtaposed with the sleek and modern architecture of the buildings that house these murals. Figure 1: Mural…

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  • Philadelphia Art Museum Essay

    decided to visit the Philadelphia Art Museum. Being that this was my first time to ever visit the museum I had such an amazing time exploring the arts. The Philadelphia art museum main building consists of three main floors, the ground floor where we have the Prints, drawings and Photographs, Modern and Contemporary Art and South Asian Art and other services such as the dining hall area, the cafeteria, education classrooms, committee room, Auditorium, Main Museum store and many others. The…

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  • Nefertiti: The Most Powerful Queen In Ancient Egypt

    The Neues Museum is located in the middle of Berlin, Germany. The Neues, claimed to be a universal museum and is internationally known for their ancient Egyptian collection. In the museum, she has an entire room, room 2.10, devoted to her. When you walk into the dome ceilinged room you can fully see her magnificence. She is placed slightly above eye level-look, so all viewers are forced to look up when they gaze at her. The Neues Museum takes extreme caution in caring for…

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