The Road Of Rejuvenation Museum In China Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The Road of Rejuvenation exhibition transmitted from the Museum of Chinese Revolution separated into 5 parts, 17 sessions in total. This exhibition talks about the story from 17 century “China as an abyss of semi-imperial and semi-feudal society” to the “Road of socialism with Chinese characteristic” in the People's Republic of China. First few sessions of the exhibition meant to emphasis particularly on the history of the Communist Party of China’s fight for the people’s liberation and independence of every …show more content…
Chinese National Museum of Ethnology establish from 1987 is the biggest ethnology museum in China. “The museum will become the first cultural relic’s center in China which systematically demonstrates the diverse yet united historical origins of the Chinese nation, and therefore become the country’s most authoritative center for ethnic minority-oriented cultural relic’s collection, exhibition, study and protection. It will also become a research and exchange base for ethnologists and anthropologists, and offer training and consulting services in the field of ethnic minority study, with a powerful database of China’s ethnic minority cultural heritage. ” As the only national Level museum of ethnology in China, their mission is to uphold the principle of equality for all ethnic groups, which was stipulated in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese National Museum of Ethnology is still keep on building its own collection of costume, accessories and photos of different ethnic minorities for showing their characteristic and culture. They had exhibition on Traditional Culture of Li Minority in Hainan Province and Chinese National Festival Culture Exhibition to present and demonstrate the multiculturalism of China. “The existence of minzu museums is therefore intended more as a display of government ideals than as an assortment of independent institutions promoting the value of multiculturalism and reinforcing minorities’ identities.”(Kim 2011, p.10) Chinese National Museum of Ethnology as a unity role which connect region local ethnology museum together and do collaboration to promote equality to stabilize society. Since history Museum has its educational function of instilling ideology, ethnology museum as an official institution

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