What Is The Theme Of A Pair Of Tickets By Amy Tan

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Family Ties- “A Pair of Tickets” There are so many different cultures around the world which makes up the very core of who we are as individuals. From the way we speak, dress, our religion and to the food we eat are just a few examples. At times, we can lose our sense of heritage of who we are from the relationships with have with our parents. A disagreement or being embarrassed by our parents can cause someone to totally disconnect themselves from one’s own heritage. In Amy Tan’s short story “A Pair of Tickets,” Jing Mei begins to change as she travels to China with her father to meet her twin sisters for the first time. The journey that Jing Mei intel’s, will have her coming into reality of her true self. Growing up in the United States, …show more content…
Learning about family heritage can have an array of different emotions: confusing, scary, happy, and sad all wrapped in one. After coming into terms with one’s heritage, people can be at ease and finally enjoy and become closer to their present life. This journey is changing Jing Mei physically to no make-up and no hair style. Even her beliefs are changing, to where she’s beginning to accept her Chinese heritage, the language and recipes. She also apprehends that her American lifestyle is not too different from the Chinese lifestyle. Jing Mei states, “This communist China” (Tan 257) from drinks and food she locates in her room, to the Americanized hamburgers and French fries her family eats. After a conversation with her father, Canning Woo, Jing Mei is told the story of her mother, who traveled with two baby daughters trying to escape the Japanese. Jing Mei mother, Suyuan was drained and strictened with dysentery which initiated for her to leave her baby girls on the side of the road. She attached a letter, what money and valuables remaining to the girls and hoped that someone would pick them up and the twins one-day return to the family. Jing Mei felt as though her sisters would blame her for their mother’s death. When they lock eyes on one another, there was an instant connection of kinship. Jing Mei

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