I Stand Here Ironing And Amy Tan's I Stand Here Ironing

Mothers contribute a lot to their kids’ lives especially when it comes to their daughters. It does not matter if a mother does too much or too little there is always a big impact on their kids’ life. This is shown in two stories written by two ladies, Tillie Olsen, who wrote “I Stand Here Ironing” and Amy Tan who wrote “Two Kinds.” These two authors showed the relationships between the mothers and their daughters. Even Jing-Mei in “Two Kinds” struggled with her mother not let her be who she truly was, and Emily in “I Stand Here Ironing” struggled with the diseases and all miserable things in her life, their mothers showed them love and care in the different ways. Even though both girls struggled differently, Jing-Mei’s struggles were not bad as Emily’s. First and foremost Emily’s mother and Jing-Mei’s loved their kids so much; all they wanted was to see them succeed in life. Jing-Mei’s mother loved raising her daughter in the Chinese way and forced her to succeed because that was how she was raised back in her country, China. When they moved to America, Jing-Mei’s mother told her she …show more content…
Both mothers cared enough and believed in their daughters. They tried to make their daughters better through love. Emily’s mother encouraged her to become a comedian and worked hard because of the love she had for her. At another side, Jing-Mei’s mother pushed her to be the best, to be a genius girl. She put her in different activities like piano lessons, or every night quizzes because she loved her daughter so much. Other than those mothers’ love, two girls went through much in their life. Even Jing-Mei grumbled about her life too much, Emily’s was harder and worse than Jing-Mei’s. Emily had a rough childhood without enough love from his mother or even little love from his father since he left her when she was a little baby. Emily’s life was matchless compare to

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