Two Kinds By Amy Tan Conflict

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The story “Two Kinds” of Amy tans shows us the conflict between the mother from China cultural and the daughter from American’s cultural. Suyuan, who is known as Jing-mei’s mother, suffers from her losses of a first husband and two babies in China. She believes that in the U.S everyone can be anything they want to be by working hard, even they are genius or prodigy. So, she keeps her daughter staying busy by scheduling her many differences activities such as coming to beauty training school which Jing-mei is excited on, testing every night, learning piano. However, Jing-mei fails time to time, she disappoints her mother by deciding not to be an obedient child. The central conflict is at a maximum when Jing-mei stops training piano even her mother reminds her. So on, the conflict is solved when Suyuan gifts Jing-mei the piano which is a symbol of the story, on her birthday in words that only her can play. The author’s use of motivation of …show more content…
It starts the central conflict of the relationship and it also is the key to solve the conflict. At the end of the story, where Suyuan gives the piano to Jing-mei as a birthday gift with words “no, this your piano, always your piano. You only one can play” (402). It seems very important to Jing-mei, she thinks “I saw the offer as a sign of forgiveness, a tremendous burden removed” (402). After her mother death, Jing-mei reconditions the piano and she finds the stuffs that are from her childhood. Everything in the piano is the same as the last time she touched. She starts playing the song that she fails in the talent show and recognizes how easy it is.
In “Two Kinds”, the author describes the conflict in the relationship of two generations which were born in 2 different cultural. However, they solve it in shy and forgiveness. The conflict in a relationship will not go anywhere but waiting to be solved, and it’s a simple act to solve it sometimes, such as the mother

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