Nonverbal Communication In Chinese Culture Essay

NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION STYLE Just like the other cultures, the Chinese culture has its own way of communication both verbally and nonverbally. Chinese people use less expressions compare to the western countries. There are some nonverbal communication styles used in Chinese culture to show their expression. Their style of greeting involves bowing their head while shaking hands with people. On the order hand, when greeting an elderly person, they lower their head and slightly bend forward to show some sign of respect. The Chinese culture does not permit too much touching, therefore kissing and hugging is not part of their style. On a business platform, it is very respectful to give someone a business card or something with two hands in the Chinese culture. The Chinese people don’t like to say no, so they usually tilt their head backward and suck in air through their teeth to signify that they are having …show more content…
In my culture, the father holds the responsibility of taking care of the family; respecting the elderly in the society even though they are not related to you; and parents are instrumental in deciding who their child gets married. These are the area where the Chinese culture and my culture share common ground. One major difference between the Chinese culture and my culture is how different kind of food are prepared.
In about 5000 years of its existence, there have been constant development and changes in distinctive area of the Chinese culture. These areas include art, craft, drama, music, opera, etc. Even with these changes, the Chinese people maintained their cultural values by observing notable festivals like the “Chinese New Year” no matter where they are located around the world. There are threats to the culture from the western countries due to the constant migration of its people to the west. Most of them are getting westernized and tends to forget about their root in the

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