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  • Dogs Group Case Study

    They had some excellent arguments about the expectation of curators from museum audiences. Especially in regards to the simplification of museum content, which can be harmful to museum audiences and the argument in regards to curators holding a higher responsibility to the public c if the exhibit is a failure. But their unwillingness to listen to their peers’ opinion made them…

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  • Summary: A Trip To Folsom History Museum

    For the museum project, I chose to go to the Folsom History Museum. The museum was small and colorful. When you walked in, you could see a large quilt with lots of color and patterns. The museum was mostly about how gold in california was discovered, how people dressed, and how people survived. It also led into prison, and punishments they had. There was two separate rooms at the museum. One room was a Famous Baseball room and another room was for the museum itself. The museum had multiple items…

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  • Art Museum Curator Essay

    Academic Qualification for Art Museum Curators Curators are highly educated personnel in the art museums. Individuals seeking to become curators acquire a wide range of art collection for the organizations such as museum or history centers in addition to organizing and maintaining different forms of exhibitions. For one to become a professional curator, one is required to have a minimum of a graduate degree while work experience increases the preparation of individuals to serve. Along with…

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  • The Art Museum In Art, By Carol Duncan

    Traditionally, museums are considered secular sites in which curators display art objectively; however, in her work, “The art museum as ritual,” Carol Duncan examines how museums act as powerful entities which influence the visitors’ perception through the display, organization, and architecture of the space. She elaborates that the museum’s authority actually enables them to represent and define entire communities, which consequently shapes the visitors’ perceptions of said communities. Perhaps…

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  • Material Objects

    Recently our class lectures, discussions, and readings have focused on the significance of material objects in life and in museums. We explored this topic in depth when we each created a personal “shoebox” exhibit, meant to accurately illustrate who we are. As soon as I began thinking about what objects constitute me, I felt overwhelmed. What could I possibly fit into one small shoebox that sums up all of me? I ended up putting tons of small items in my box, like an acorn to show how much I love…

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  • Sine Kultura Case Study

    Objectives The SineKultura: The Philippine National Film Archive focuses its goals in providing a home to preserve, exhibit and promote Philippine cinema and educate its visitors about its rich history and development. This facility will serve as a museum destination for educational and exploration trips for students and families or even individuals who wish to enrich their knowledge and feed their interests with the subject. To further enumerate, the project objectives are as follows: 1. To…

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  • Piombino Apollo Statue Analysis

    can meddle up an art history timeline if a statue is not properly dated to the correct era. This is case the regarding the Piombino Apollo, a statue found at sea in 1832 with a complex history of study where it eventually made its way to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The statue looks extremely archaic, like a kouros, but some more advanced stylistic evidence on the statue contradict the earlier claim regarding an archaic date and places it in a later Hellenistic one. The…

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  • Museum Of Coastal Carolina

    The Museum of Coastal Carolina The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. A man by the name of Stuart Ingram had a vision of sharing his knowledge of the nature and science of the coast of North Carolina. Mr. Ingram turned that into a reality and in May of 1991, the Museum of Coastal Carolina was opened to the public. The organization added a planetarium, a separate museum from the Coastal Carolina museum, focusing on aspects of the earth and the universe…

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  • Canadian History Museum Case Study

    1. Problem description A common problem with museums today is that they place heavy emphasis on reading as a method of delivering information. While effective for many, there are specific groups of people that are either not capable of reading, struggle to read dense blocks of text, or do not have the attention span to read. The museum experience should be able to cater to as many groups as possible, and without reading the descriptive plaques, the experience is stripped to visuals with little…

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  • My Initial Thought For The Museum

    thought for this essay assignment was to choose the website that made me want to visit their museum the most, and compare and contrast it to the site that made me want to visit their museum the least. I planned to write about what attracted me to the museum that I wanted to visit and why I may not want to visit the museum that appealed the least to me. As I began viewing all the websites for the different museums, I did not expect there to be such a huge difference in the appearance and layout…

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