Pantheon And The Parthenon Analysis

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INTRODUCTION This particular task focuses in comparing and differentiating the style and function of the Pantheon and the Parthenon. As an introduction, in general, I wanted to gain an understanding go how architectural styles and the manner in which buildings’ characteristics and features are planned, designed, and constructed. Additionally, as I worked on this assignment I gained an understanding of role other elements of architectural style include play, such as the building materials, forming elements, methodology of construction, and of course the location in which a building is erected for political, social, economic, and/or militarily strategic reasons, among others.
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With that in mind, I’d suppose that one could deduct that the general style of these impressive architectural feasts, although at different time in Greek history, was the need for the projection of Greek achievements not only in the architectural arena, but in promoting also the Greek culture. For example, to most observers, it is fairly clear that the sense of majesty and power projected in the style of the Parthenon correlates with the, then, height of the Athenian empire ( This could only mean one thing: The style chosen for the design, as well as the related building materials, features, decorative elements, had to reflect not only a refined sense of Greek style and culture, but the Parthenon would also have to reflect a sense of power and …show more content…
Another similarity is the fact that the Greek architectural style utilized in the construction of these two historical buildings, invariably, set the tone for many generations of builders who came after that generation and attempted to replicate these incredible architectural successes; even in modern times, one can see replicates, around the world, of buildings attempting to utilize some of the very same decorative effects and functionality of these ancient marvels of Greek

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