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  • The Matrix: The Allegory Of The Matrix

    Introduction The Matrix is a popular American-Australian science fiction movie that was first produced in 1999. The action movie depicts a unique dystopian future where the human-perceived reality is seen as a stimulated reality known as “the Matrix”. This stimulated reality created by sentient machines was designed to subdue the human population and use the heat and electrical activity of the human bodies as source of energy. A computer programmer known as “Neo” discovered the secret behind the…

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  • Reflection Of Terminator 2

    The movie that i watched and reminds me about Artificial Intelligence and robotics is the classic science fiction film TERMINATOR 2 and shows us what we have still to learn about Artificial Intelligence.Terminator 2 tells the story of two cyborgs sent back in time from the future,one is the T800 which is living tissue over metal endoskeleton which was performed by the most iconic role Arnold Schwarzenegger to protect the future leader of the human resistance;the other (the T1000, a more advanced…

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  • The Importance Of Human Nature In Dick's Man

    First and foremost is their instinctive animalistic trait for survival. These humans are the ones that made it through World War Terminus and continue to live on a residually radioactive planet, so their survival instincts have taken over and arguable lessen their other aspects of gentile humanity. The society values of these times are also radically different from pre-war times. In so small a population, social status has become even more important to attain. And the way to attain said statues…

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  • Maleficent By Robert Stromberg Essay

    In the critical review, we would like to share a well-known movie, which is directed by Robert Stromberg, entitled “Maleficent”. This movie is an action, adventure and family movie. The story is about two rival kingdoms, human kingdom, ruled by a vain and greedy king and the Moors, a peaceful kingdom. A powerful fairy, Maleficent helps Stefan who failed to steal jewel and they grow close. One day, the king wants to attack the Moors but been defeated and he wants to revenge through offers his…

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  • Andy Stone Science Fiction Speech Analysis

    Coming from a person who isn’t a big Science-Fiction fanatic, the way Andy Stone gave his speech over Science-Fiction movies, instantly made me feel giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning. The way Andy Stone started off his speech talking about Christmas first had me questioning his thought process, but after he made it flow into the rest of his introduction, which lead him into his body points about Science-Fiction. He also had a great thesis that helped the receivers understand what his…

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  • Wall-E Character Analysis

    In the movie Wall-E, the “Hero” Wall-E, is a robot that was made to clean up Earth’s garbage after Earth had no way to sustain any life on Earth. The role Wall-E plays in the movie is a hero because he had found the last plant life on Earth, it was a call to action. Eva is the robot that meets Wall-E while he’s making squares out of garbage. Eva has a deadly personality that also makes her quick witted. Eva’s role in the story is an ALLY and HERO because she assists Wall-E in saving the…

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  • Moral Wrongness In Blade Runner

    The movie Blade Runner which is an adaptation of the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep are centrally revolved around idea and the definition of humanness in the context of modern technology. The irony present in both works is that through its technology, humanity has diminished its own capacity to survive, necessitating the invention and mass production of a new life form (the android) which is capable of challenging humanity. This situation gives rise to the central dilemma of both movie…

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  • Blade Runner Film Response Essay

    Matthew Maechling Mr. Marsh English III, Period 7 29 April 2016 I did some research for the prompts. Blade Runner Film Response The confrontations with the two irrational beings provides similarity in the film, as shown when Deckard confronts the fugitive rebels and how Victor confronts the demon on the mountain. Both of these encounters are the climax of the novel, and are also the first meetings between the protagonists and rebel-figures. Without a doubt, these similar moments in the film…

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  • Blade Runner Rhetorical Analysis

    The stimulus above is a quote from the movie ‘Blade Runner’. The quote above is delivered by a machine called a replicant, a machine that is capable of mimicking a human being. In suggesting that this machine is able to replicate a human in some emotional capacity, the stimulus raises the preliminary question of whether or not we can know what it is like to be a replicant (as it is something that mimics our own behaviours such as in the case of feeling sad)? If we can consider a replicant to be…

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  • Frankenstein And Blade Runner Belonging Analysis

    “A deeper understanding of disruption and identity emerges from considering the parallels between Frankenstein and Blade Runner.” Compare how these texts explore disruption and identity. Frankenstein and BladeRunner both explore disruption and identity through the creators who have created life unethically and through the characters who were created and were abandoned. Shelley and Scott present the responder with a disrupted world where the relationships between nature and science and…

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