Bituminous coal

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  • Persuasive Essay Against Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear energy should not be a resource after what happened in Japan on 11 march 2011. That day a Nuclear power plantation has been destroyed by an earthquake in Japan. It causes radiation all around Japan and many people died. It doesn't matter if the disaster happened on Japan just because Japan is known for tsunami, earthquake, storm surge, and floods.This global warming situation is out of control for everybody so this can happen anywhere and if any natural causes hit any nuclear power plant…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal Power Anna,Caroline,Rebekah Geothermal power is a form of renewable energy that taps into the heat from earth’s core. Geothermal energy uses earth’s natural heat to generate electricity and can be generated twenty-four hours a day,unlike other renewable engines. Geothermal power is limited to most areas near tectonic plate boundaries. Alternative energy geothermal is a product from earth’s original formation. It comes from radioactive decay of minerals due to volcanic…

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  • Alternative Energy: Ethanol Vs Renewable Energy

    According to Alison Riddell of Stanford University, production of oil, coal and natural gas is expected to rise by double. Additionally according to Alison Riddell, in 1997 the world produced 130 quadrillion btu of energy from oil whereas now every year we use 11 billion tons of oil in fossil fuels ( The…

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  • Australia's Worst Mine Disaster Analysis

    and claimed the lives of 96 miners. The incident was the result of an explosion. 81 miners were killed in the 1887 gas explosion in the Bulli Mine. The loss of life left 150 children fatherless and around 50 women were suddenly widows. In 1921 a coal dust explosion in the brand new Mount Mulligan Mine caused the death of at least 75 workers. From the time of the accident to the recovery of the 75th body a full five months had passed. An underground explosion at Kianga Mine…

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  • Essay On Acid Rain In Germany

    Can you imagine a world with damaged ecosystems beyond return? “Acid rain is rain polluted by gases released in the air, by the burning of fossil fuels, like coal or oil.” In order to produce electricity, the former country of East Germany burned brown coal. This coal when burned releases sulfur dioxide into the air that then mixes with the air’s moisture. (Document A) As a result, when it rains, the rain is polluted with carbon dioxide. (Background Essay) However Germany’s actions had…

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  • Charcoal Vs Gas Grills Research Paper

    If you have an outdoor kitchen, then a grill is absolutely necessary. Lots of people encounter the same problem when it comes to these appliances. They do not know whether to choose a charcoal or a gas device. In case you deal with the same confusion, then take a look at the following advantages and drawbacks of charcoal and gas grills, in order to know what model to purchase. Charcoal grills When it comes to charcoal grills, there are actually many advantages of using such wonderful units.…

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  • Mountaintop Removal Research Paper

    alternatives. Coal companies have almost completely obliterated the summits of scores of mountains scattered throughout Appalachia, permanently altering the landscape and environment forever. The process of mountaintop removal, also known as MTR, may seem simple at first. But this nasty process is what is destroying the mountains of Appalachia and harming the people who live there. In short, mountaintop removal is a form of surface mining at the summit or summit ridge of a mountain. Coal…

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  • Coal During The Industrial Revolution Essay

    During the Industrial Revolution, coal mining expanded significantly, which led to coal being the primary source of energy today. Even as coal industries flourished and the economy boomed, the corporations were corrupt. This led to new inventions and discoveries of renewable energy. Nicholas Wood, the primary leader in coal mining engineering and safety, inspired many drastic changes of the unsettling coal mining industry. After he researched alternatives to coal, people explored new ways to…

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  • William Gamson's Five Frames

    The reality of an event or issue presented by journalists to audiences is subjective, with the information contained in news packaged to present a certain representation or emphasis using the technique of framing. This conceptual narrative tool is used to “convey, interpret and evaluate information”, with frames being chosen from a range of socially available options that may be promoted by specific political or social actors or have developed culturally. (Neuman et al, 1992, p. 60) However,…

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  • Tar Creek Superfund Site

    Abstract This paper details the causes and extent of the pollution at Tar Creek Superfund site in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. This Superfund site is a heavy metal-contaminated area that was created by the aftermath of zinc and lead mining operations throughout the 1900s. The pollution has put local inhabitants at risk of different health issues, and while risk assessments have shown that no significant health risks are obvious compared to the rest of the state of Oklahoma, blood lead levels have…

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