Copper Sulfate Research Paper

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By: Jorden and Claudia

In the next couple paragraphs you will learn about copper sulfates names, its agricultural uses, its industrial uses, the many hazards, safety precautions, activity series, and displacement reaction. Also copper sulfate can be very useful but it is also very dangerous.

Copper sulfate (CuSO4 and 5H2O) is also known as Blue Vitriol, Bluestone, Salzburg vitriol, Roman vitriol, Turkish stone, and Blue copperas. The mineral form of CuSO4 is chalcanthite. The white-gray powder form of copper sulfate is called anhydrous, while white copper sulfate is a dehydrated form of copper sulfate in its crystal structure (pentahydrate group) and it turns blue when it comes in contact with water.

Copper sulfate was used several thousand
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The way that copper sulfate kills fungi and algae is it binds to the proteins, this damages the cells making them leak and die. The way copper sulfate kills snails is it harms the normal function of the skin cells and enzymes. Copper sulfate can be a liquid, crystal, or dust. If copper sulfate is inhaled or eaten it will enter the bloodstream, when inside the copper will bind to proteins and different organs. The copper (if taken in large amount) will take 13 to 33 days to fully kill you. The safest form of storage is in a dry area. On a more positive side CuSO4 can also be used to keep algal blooms away from swimming pools as well as water reservoirs. This lovely chemical can kill snails that contain the parasite that causes Schistosomiasis in human beings. But that's not all it kills, it can help kill mosquito larvae that causes malaria. If you ever get to full but you still want to eat just eat a little copper sulfate which was used as an agent that makes you vomit also known as an emetic. CuSO4 can burn but there is no worry of it igniting. Also CuSO4 will not explode. When CuSO4 is mixed in with acid the CuSO4 will dissolve. Copper sulfate will cause eye irritation, but if left by your eyes for a long period of time it will cause significant damage to your eyes. If you inhale the dust you will have severe throat irritation. If CuSO4 is ingested you will have serious diarrhea and …show more content…
Imagine replacing something that you own like food, water, or a phone. We replace our possessions because the replacements will better suit our need, wants, or because they will serve us better in the time to come. A displacement reaction is a type of chemical reaction where an element reacts with a compound and takes the place of another element in that compound. As you can see in the picture below the replacement is usually similar to the original object. If you want to see the example go to figure 2 in the

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