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  • Why The Drinking Age Should Be 18

    An 18 year old boy/girl’s brain is different from a 21 year old adult but there should be a law that states that teenagers should only consume a certain amount of alcohol if they are in public. Whether the legal drinking age is 18 or 21, there will always be problems related to alcohol and making 21 the legal age won’t change anything. Some teenagers might get their hands on alcohol and get intoxicated as they are never sure when they will have an opportunity to…

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  • The Problem Of Underage Drinking In The United States

    Introduction Underage drinking is the most known-unknown problem in the United States. Underage drinking is no stranger to anyone, but the amount of effect it has goes widely unnoticed. Alcohol is the most abused drug among the youth, more than tobacco or cannabis. According to a National survey on drug and alcohol abuse by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMSHA thirty-five percent of fifteen-year old children had drank alcohol at least once before, by the time…

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  • Alcohol Differences Between Men And Women

    lengthier amount of time compared to men (Greenfield, Back, Lawson and Brady, 2010). The amount of alcohol a woman drinks determines whether she is considered a moderate, heavy, or binge drinker. Women are considered moderate drinkers with no more than 1 drink per day.…

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  • Essay About Drugs In College

    of drugs in the world, such as, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD, tobacco, alcohol and many more. In a college campus, alcohol is the most commonly used drug (Wechsler, 73). The most problems faced by American students in college are heavy episodic drinking, and is a very serious problem in most, if not all cases (O’Malley 73). Some people do not consider alcohol and tobacco drugs but they most certainly are. In my opinion, if anything is addictive and harmful to your body I do in fact consider…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Alcohol In The Media

    friends at the table doing shots drinking fast and then we talk slow” (Ed Sheeran 2017). This quote is from the #1 rated song in the world, Ed Sheeran's “Shape of you”. One of the most recognized songs on the planet and the first few lines is about getting drunk at the bar. With such influential songs promoting drinking it’s no wonder why teen alcohol abuse is trending now more than it ever has in the past. Media hype is just one of the reasons why teen binge drinking has become so popular. In…

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  • Getting Wasted: Why College Students Drink Too Much And Party So Hard?

    action on excessive drinking by reciting why students drink as “Well, I drink every weekend, I am a college student” (Ven 23).…

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  • Excessive Alcohol In College

    biggest negative influences most college students face is excessive drinking. It is well known that many college campuses are plagued with a binge drinking culture that celebrates the alcohol abuse. It is often considered a right of passage for freshman students to get “black-out drunk” within…

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  • Underage Drinking On College Campuses Essay

    weekends, sometimes even the week and boasting about being the biggest drinker at a local bar they snuck in to or even going as far as describing extravagant narratives about not remembering the night before from partying too extensively. Underage drinking on college campuses are a common issue nationwide. While students and faculty alike are all aware of the issue not much is done or can be done to end underage consumption. This is such an important issue to discuss due to the fact that a lot…

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

    Tobacco has very bad affects on lung function, and other pulmonary functions of the body, yet is still totally legal. Binge drinking of alcohol, common dangerous, and costly to society also totally legal. Marijuana on the other hand has, no impact on lung function, no impact on pulmonary function, and no impact on mortality. Still it is almost always illegal. I am not trying…

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  • Social Drinking Essay

    Social drinking is defined as drinking in a social setting without the intent to get drunk, it usually seen during fine dining, special celebration and small get together. Social drinking has less to do with the act of socialization but more to do with how much alcohol is consumed during the event and what type of alcohol is consumed. A prime example is the difference between having wine with dinner versus drinking a shot of vodka with dinner. Social drinking also takes in to context if the…

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