Binge Drinking Literature

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This research article, published in BMC Public Health, discussed the issue of alcohol abuse in many parts of Europe. According to this article, the World Health Organization (WHO) determined Europe to have the highest volume of alcohol consumption in the world. The researchers focused on Ireland and the countries of the United Kingdom because they have the highest levels of binge drinking in Europe and university students have high levels of alcohol consumption in these areas. The researchers investigated the consumption patterns of university students in the areas of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The researchers found that almost two thirds of students reported a hazardous alcohol consumption score. The article highlights how harmful binge drinking is to the health of a person especially to women who are more susceptibility to the harms linked with alcohol consumption. This article is significant in value because it offers some insight on how to address the problem of alcohol abuse and some options to combat the problem. This article also shows that binge drinking is a problem globally.

This article focuses on the effects of alcohol abuse locally in the Commonwealth of Virginia on their population of
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A study was conducted to gain more knowledge of the affects of heavy drinking. 734 college students took part in the study and they completed daily diaries for over 7 semesters. The study concluded that daily the engagement of heavy drinking increased over time. This is important information because it highlights how binge drinking can increase throughout the years. This article reveals how binge drinking may and can become a lifestyle for students even after they leave college. The study showed how binge drinking can lead to alcoholism later on in the future because students relatively increase drinking rather than decrease as year’s

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