Binge drinking

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  • Research Paper On Binge Drinking

    Current event paper #2 Binge Drinking This article is very surprising in the fact that the understanding of binge drinking is changing. It has been apparent for some time now that excessively drinking has been a problem but it is now under the microscope of having a positive light to the young population. This study had articulated how binge drinking is being looked at and what is changing across student college campuses. The article was based within a college campus, they were studying…

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  • Binge Drinking In College Sports

    Compared to nonathletic college students, collegiate athletes are at a higher risk of developing heavy drinking patterns. Heavy drinking or binge drinking can lead to consequences such as unintended injuries, alcohol-induced medical complications and reduced psychical and athletic performance. Athletes are found to be in high stress situations due to the high demand of class and classwork, performing well athletically, and meeting expectations placed upon them by coaches and parents. Many…

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  • Alcoholism On College Students

    The Effects of Alcoholism on College Students Alcoholism is the plural form for the word alcohol. Alcohol is a colorless liquid that is intoxicating, it is considered as wine, beer, and sprints. Alcohol can be found in restaurants, departments, and connivance stores, like Applebee’s, Wal-Mart, and ABC liquor. According to the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) Chicago article, a deadly scene took place at New…

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  • Alcoholism Treatment Essay

    This being defined as problem drinking, or the development of an alcohol use disorder, after the age of 60. One main area of concern relates to the impact that alcoholism can have on chronic health conditions often seen in senior populations such as diabetes, high blood pressure, other…

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  • Alcohol Affects The Brain

    information too slowly, and this makes a person who is drinking feel tired. The slowing down of neurotransmitters also trigger mood and behavioral changes that include depression and memory loss. A particular neurotransmitter is susceptible to small amounts of alcohol and it is called glutamate. Glutamate affects memory, and this is linked to when binge drinkers “black out” and forget events that happened during the night that they were drinking. Alcohol also affects the cerebellum and cerebral…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    “Alcoholism: the disease that makes you too selfish to see the havoc you created and care about the people you shattered.” Alcoholism is an addiction to consuming alcohol and the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting on depending on alcohol. Approximately 16.3 million people in the United States are affected by this horrible illness, not including the minors that abuse alcohol. Although alcoholism is a difficult problem, there are various treatments to help individuals overcome their…

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  • Binge Drinking: A Case Study

    Lauren’s alcohol consumption, especially in the form of binge drinking, is a form of substance abuse and is considered a health-risk behaviour (Buultjens & Buultjens, 2015). Therefore, it is important to note that active substance abuse correlates with poor adherence to prescribed treatments in adolescents (Costello et al., 2016). Furthermore, it is observed that adolescents who display one type of risk-taking behavior are more likely to engage in further forms of risk-taking in regard to their…

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  • Alcohol Dependency Research Paper

    times, over seventy-six million individuals are affected by alcohol use disorders. Among these disorders is alcohol addiction. Heavy drinkers are also at risk for chronic illnesses such as liver disease and cancer. Drinking occasionally does not have many harmful side effects; drinking excessively puts your body, mind, and those around you at risk. One of the leading causes of death is Alcohol. Due to misinformation and misleading education;…

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  • Home Denial: Abusing Alcoholic

    suffer from. There are two different types of drinking problems, alcoholism being one and alcohol abuse being the other. Alcoholism is when an individual’s excessive drinking causes serious problems in their life, yet they keep drinking. They may also have a physical dependence on alcohol. This means that an individual needs more and more alcohol to feel drunk. Stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol abuse is when an individual’s drinking leads to problems, but they are not…

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  • Alcohol In New Zealand Case Study

    Student ID:1489761 INTRODUCTION Alcohol is a legal and generally available product in New Zealand (Ministry of Justice [n.d]). The Ministry of Health New Zealand conducted the Alcohol and Drug Use Survey (NZADUS) in 2007-2008. The survey found that alcohol is one of the most common recreational drugs in New Zealand. The key finding from the survey is more than 85% of adults use alcohol in New Zealand. Among that almost 50% of alcohol users are young adults (Ministry of Health [MOH], 2009).…

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