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  • Synthesis Of Ferric Chloride By Sodium Borohydride

    borohydride following reaction (Eq.1), was used to synthesize ZVI [14]. 〖2FeCl〗_3+〖6NaBH〗_4+〖18H〗_2 O→〖2Fe〗^0+〖21H〗_2+〖6B(OH)〗_3+6NaCl (1) Ferric chloride hexahydrate solution was prepared by dissolving 5 g of FeCl_3.H_2 O (99.0%, Junsei Chemical Co., Japan) in 125 mL of deoxygenated deionized (DI) water. Moreover, 3.5 g of Sodium borohydride (NaBH_4, 98.0%, Sigma–Aldrich Inc., USA) were dissolved in 125 mL of (DI) water and pumped dropwise into a 500 mL four-nick flask kept in water bath…

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  • Assemblyman Benedetto Case

    Every Assemblymember must decide how is best in presenting themselves to their electorate. Each member’s districts are different, thus resulting in the need for each member to approach this subject differently. It is up to the member to decide what must be emphasized while portraying themselves, such as how much to emphasize on party affiliation, how generally should they present themselves to the electorate, and how they will reach out and communicate with the electorate. With the modernization…

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  • Reflection Of My Co-Worker

    In completing the leadership assessment, I asked a current co-worker that I have worked with for over fifteen years. At our previous company I was her manager and now we are co-workers. I trusted her to be completing honest in her assessment, as she understands that by being honest she is helping me to become a better leader. I also asked a previous co-worker who I later became good friends with after we no longer worked together. I was disappointed that he gave me a score of 10 in every…

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  • Sargento Vision And Values: Case Study

    I consistently show support for the Sargento vision and values. I will do the right and best thing for the organization, even if it compromises my personal goals, or requires going the extra mile. I use my positivity and enthusiasm to encourage co-workers at Sargento and co-packers to move in the same forward direction to complete common goals. While working with co-packers I try to exemplify Sargento vision and values tailoring the message to different groups and different circumstances,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Affordable Health Insurance

    insurance may not be the best option for every Americans and why a Christian Healthcare Co-Op is the best option for me. I will also discus the downfalls of The Affordable Healthcare Act. Health insurance is a wonderful coverage for people with children, people prone to illness, and the elderly. For a healthy person without medial conditions it can be a waste of money. Health insurance can reduce the cost of seeing a doctor by over 50%. Your co-pay is a set price, and the co-pay covers almost…

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  • Case Study Of Congestive Heart Failure

    (dyspnoea) and recent weight gain due to Congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to meet the metabolic needs of the body (Figueroa & Peters, 2016). The result of inadequate cardiac output (CO) is poor organ perfusion and vascular congestion in the pulmonary (left-sided failure) and systemic (right-sided failure) circulation (Myers, 2014). This essay will discuss the symptoms in relation to the pathophysiological process of the…

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  • Rjr V Beckley Case Summary

    safest and best mode of construction to give words, free from ambiguity, their plain and ordinary meaning.” Syl. Pt. 3, in part, Bennett v. Dove, 166 W.Va. 772, 277 S.E.2d 617 (1981). 6. In this regard, “[i]t is not the right or province of a court to alter, pervert or destroy the clear meaning and intent of the parties as expressed in unambiguous language in their written contract or to make a new or different contract for them.” Syl. Pt. 3, Cotiga Development Co. v. United Fuel Gas Co., 147…

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  • Analysis Of Sleepless In Seattle

    engaged to a man named Walter, who tunes in to the radio show and realizes she is smitten with Sam. • Walter (played by Bill Pullman) is a quirky man with many allergies who is engaged to Annie. • Becky (played by Rosie O’Donnell) is Annie’s co-worker and best friend who she confides in about her secret crush on Sam, whom she’s never met. She also sends Annie’s…

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  • Case Study: Rent The Runaway

    The co-founders of “Rent the Runaway” (RTR), Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, had the opportunity to bring high end designer wear to women that have the eye for fashion, but not the income to support the price tag. This idea came about when Hyman’s sister was looking at a dress to wear to an event with a $1500 price tag (Eisnmann, T.R.). Young Miss. Hyman was a girl that fit the target for the start of the co-founders new business. They state that they are not just rent a person a dress but they are…

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  • Leadership Reflection Report: What I Learn In College

    in this context, because I knew when I worked with my co-workers that I did not love them. Though there seemed to be a connection that even though I didn’t love them emotionally like my husband; I still genuinely cared for their best interest, and how we all performed the job together for the betterment of the patient. This was the very definition volitional love was the willingness to be attentive to others even when I am not having the best of days; the practice of leaving your outside…

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