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  • The Importance Of Decisions In The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

    aware and making an impact on others. Afterwards, Santiago and the Englishman learn the importance of striving and learning from different point of views. Lastly, Santiago learns that everyone has a role to play in the world. By striving to make the best choices Santiago gets better in each and every way. This is because when one aims to become better they have to strive to get it which is why people learn to become better. During Santiago's journey he makes decisions that will assemble a great…

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  • Personal Reflection On Negotiation

    When my wife approached me with the idea of getting a dog, I figured I would have a difficult negotiation ahead of me. However, when she decided she would like to get a rare breed, I adhered to a wise and tested piece of marriage advice: pick your battles. In my mind, rare meant the price of the dog would be high. I concluded I would not negotiate with my wife about purchasing a dog; rather, I would negotiate with a breeder to agree on a price of somewhere between $1,200 - $2,000. The price…

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  • Decisions In Negotiation

    Negotiation checklist 1. I will not fall in love with object (job, car, house, etc.) I am trying to negotiate for, and I will always have my BATNA written down. 2. I will not lose the control of my emotion during a negotiation. I will pause for ten seconds before I speak. 3. I will do research on the subject before each negotiation, especially in the area that I am not familiar with. 4. I will be extra careful when using agent in negotiation by not disclosing my reservation price and always…

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  • Pakistani Prune Role Play Analysis

    The multiple role plays we did in class such as the Van purchase role-play, the salary negotiation role plays but especially the Pakistani Prune role-play provided us an opportunity to grasp the importance of actively reading the role playing scenario. In addition, we experienced how bargaining negotiations play out and collaborative negotiations are worked through. As I was not present for the salary negotiation role play, this paper will not include reflection on that situation. Additionally,…

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  • Case Study: GE International, Inc.

    the sides were discussed and iterated. However, after conferring with the senior manager of GEII, CSC finds that there are budget conflicts. This case study will show how the negotiation between GEII and CSC brings up new ways of accomplishing an agreement for the budget conflict. Huffman represents the GEII senior manager who has a budget of $120,000 for the contract. Whereas CSC requires $240,000 for the contract and to complete the project. In finding discrete methods…

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  • International Climate Change Negotiation Analysis

    The international climate change negotiation was very fun to participate in. I was the Senior Climate Negotiator for the European Union.The preparation part was a little difficult, but got a little easier when we started to read through the packets. We understood what we wanted to negotiate with other developed countries, and how much to provide to the developing countries. The one thing I really liked about the participation part was that in the financing technology transfer for developing…

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  • Principled Negotiation: Getting To Yes By Roger Fisher

    inefficient, and puts relationships at risk. Throughout the book, they provide instructions for using the method they term “Principled Negotiation.” This method of Principled Negotiation focuses on four main concepts that should lead to a negotiated agreement that is ideal for all parties and should preserve the relationship between parties. “Separate the people from the problem,” encourages negotiators to see the humanity of the other party, to recognize your shared interest in separate…

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  • How To Start A Negotiation Essay

    Negotiation is a simple way to process in making business deals, managing working relationships with others and resolving conflicts. I am glad I took this class to learn how to become a better negotiator when negotiating with people because it had benefited me in my daily life. From the beginning of the semester to now I had improved my skills in negotiating with people and learn how to negotiate with people in different cultures. Through out the semester I had learned how to prepare a…

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  • Negotiate Exchange Model

    to know what the other party’s interests are. Thus, effectively getting to the essence of what they are wanting out of a negotiated agreement, and where they stand presently on the issues. To best describe this component of the communication as a negotiated exchange model we decided on two concepts that we feel fully explain how one would find “Where are You?” in a negotiated exchange. First, concept 30: E/R/A- Empathy, Reflection, and Arguing for Self as three components of communication…

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  • Collaborating Conflict Style

    There are different types of conflict styles, and many scholar believes that not any approach is better or worse, and approach may change in different circumstance. "The duel concern model suggest that, regardless of culture, avoiding is the result of low concern for both one's own and the other party's interest (Chi & Fink)." However, some researcher suggest that avoiding is understood differently across the culture; (Kim & Leung). It suggests that not any specific conflict style is better than…

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