How To Start A Negotiation Essay

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Negotiation is a simple way to process in making business deals, managing working relationships with others and resolving conflicts. I am glad I took this class to learn how to become a better negotiator when negotiating with people because it had benefited me in my daily life. From the beginning of the semester to now I had improved my skills in negotiating with people and learn how to negotiate with people in different cultures.
Through out the semester I had learned how to prepare a negotiation with a planning document and it is so helpful. The planning document prepares me by having setup goals and analyzes the other party’s goal before negotiation process. I learn that with each negotiation, it is okay to have no deal. It can be possible
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I still have that problem. I had learn so much on what to say or not to say while negotiating, the language, body language, and the tone to be a successful and strong negotiator. The hard part is still not knowing what the other negotiator has to say which makes me really nervous. Once the other party is silence it makes me nervous on what there thinking and is stressful. I would like to work on being comfortable negotiate with people I don’t know or in a big crowd, but I want to overcome my fear now instead of struggling later on.
I am looking forward to learn how to become a better negotiator even though I am getting a little better. This will be really helpful for me later on when I am working in the real world. There are a lot of weaknesses that I would like to improve since negotiating is a daily process that we use to interact everyday with
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My favorite case was the Alpha and Beta negotiation because that was the first case that we learn about in negotiating in cultural differences. I also like to negotiate in groups because we can discuss it with partners and have more ideas instead of trying to figure out everything by myself. Overall, I had a great experience from this class I had meet a lot of new classmates. I like how every week we get random partners that we don’t know and from each of them I had learn a lot from them. This class had taught me a lot that will benefit me in

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