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    decision to make seeing that I had already left college in the past, partial reasoning because I was not happy in a small town: I felt trapped. Ever since the year 2012, I have moved five times living in four different states—Alabama, Florida, Maryland, and Kentucky—which has been stressful for me to say the least. The move to Barbourville, Kentucky was not entirely easy, it was difficult to leave my family and move to a part of the U.S. that I had never visited before. My first few days in Barbourville, everything that I had grown up with, everything that was familiar to me,…

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    school at the young age of seventeen, I decided to graduate a semester early from high school so that I could start working to save money for college in the fall. I missed out on my last semester so that I could work a retail job, making minimum wage, to try and help pay for school. I applied to multiple colleges, however I decided to attend Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky on a tennis scholarship. While in college, I created my own schedule each semester, maintaining as many class hours…

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    Ultimately, playing baseball is what brought me to the small town of Barbourville, Kentucky to attend Union College. My first year of college I attended Broward College in South Florida. My sophomore year I went to Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland. Before I attended Union College I was attending two year community colleges so the whole four year school difference really was “different”. There are many things that I didn’t get to experience at the two year schools I attended…

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