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  • Brainstorming Techniques In Research

    bad procurement or poor procurement management in any organization (including from your experience). Describe the situation and explain why you believe this as an example of a bad procurement or poor procurement management. Be specific and remember, others are not familiar with the situation and need to understand the backstory. What made the procurement management ineffective and/or what were the factors that led to the poor outcome? Please include a minimum of one resource in addition to your required or optional reading/viewing resources. In a previous project at a bus manufacturer where I used to work, there was a need to change out the paper time card time clocks with electronic barcode scanning time clocks. The procurement portion of the project entailed purchasing the barcode readers, barcode printer, cables, badge creation software, wire and conduit installation of the wire. The project was developed with the assistance of the time clock software developer based on their experience. The procurement tasks were assigned to Bill in the purchasing department. Bill handled the initial discussions with the time clock software developer for the most compatible devices for their software and provided a list of vendors for the devices. Bill thought he could do better by sourcing other vendors. The time allotted for the vendor sourcing was two weeks and the devices needed to be in house four weeks after the vendor was chosen. Bill found a vendor that was not on the list…

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  • Bar Code Medication Error

    Rights” Nor Bar Code Medication Administration Alone Will Prevent Medication Errors," n.d). According to the Institute of Medicine report in 2010 it is estimated that a hospitalized patient is subject to one medication administration error per day with an estimated 7000 deaths linked to such errors (Koppel, Wetterneck, Telles, & Karsh, 2010). Such medication errors occur at any stage of the medication preparation process, including ordering, transcribing, dispensing, and the administration…

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  • Bar Code Scanning System Essay

    In order to achieve highest HCAHPS scores and reduce medical errors JMH Executive Committee decided to implement a bar-code scanning system of medication delivery and a patient education program during Hospital stay. The bar-code scanning system is an integral part of the electronic health record. Nurses administer all medications, including i.v. piggy-back medications and i.v. large-volume medications, through the bar-code scanning system. All information is documented with a time stamp for…

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  • Personal Statement: Why I Have Chosen Only Information Technology

    cannot assume that all the products are sold, there is a chance of shoplifting. In order to avoid all these sort of problems, using a barcode scanner is the best solution. Barcode technology maintains a record of all the goods on a computer system. It helps to track the products which means it gives the information about the items sold and the current stock level. Depending on the current stock level owner can order a new stock to refill the gap. The main purpose is, the owner can change the…

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  • Barcode Of Life Analysis

    The article “Barcode of Life” by Mark Y. Stoeckle and Paul D. N. Hebert shows the fairly new emerging field of classifying species based on a small bit of genetic code found on an enzyme in the mitochondria called cytochrome C oxidase subunit 1 (Pg. 84). The enzyme was chosen because it had enough base pairs (648) to be able to differentiate species, but not long enough to take too much time to read. This new way of categorizing different species arose from the age-old way of categorizing…

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  • Barcode Technology In Nursing

    process is to analyze and identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement to a current process. As far as improvements that could be made to the current process, the hospital could adopt the use of barcode technology and BCMA software to assist nurses to prevent medication errors. Barcode technology can also increase staff productivity by automatically documenting administration of a drug in a patient’s medical record. As previously mentioned, the use of barcode technology can assist…

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  • Barcode Medication Evaluation Paper

    Evaluation Plan for Barcode Medication Administration or Scanning Barcode medication administration or scanning is a technology that has emerged to help in lessening medical errors through performing an additional check before a medication is administered to the patient. The use of this technology is also geared towards ensuring medical errors are prevented. Similar to other medication administration or scanning technologies, barcode administration or scanning helps in dealing with drug…

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  • Barcode Medication Pros And Cons

    Since the 2006 IOM report, healthcare facilities have been urged to transition to barcode medication administration. This will allow the person administering the medications to check the “five rights” (the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route). In addition to the human clarification, the barcode scanning will again check the “five rights.” Essentially, this will be help prevent medication errors. In anesthesia practice, the environment must allow…

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  • Barcode Medication Administration Case Study

    Premise: The Nursing Action-plan on the use and sustainability of Barcode Medication Administration Problem Statement According to Aiken et al. (2012), the concern regarding patients’ safety is a global issue and not concentrated to particular hospitals. The study by Van Den Bos et al. (2011) describes some of the means through which patients could be injured such as ineffectual sharing of information among clinicians, delayed treatment, and sometimes misapplication of health technology just to…

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  • Implementing The EMAR System

    In addition to eMAR the use of barcode technology in collaboration with the eMAR system has resulted in an overall decrease in medication errors. Barcode technology and eMAR has resulted in an overall 60 to 97 % decrease in medication errors (Karen, 2011, p. 1). Barcode technology is also referred to as BCMA, which means barcode medication administration (Paoletti et al., 2007, p. 537). This technology involves all patients having a barcode wristband; this wristband is obtained at the time of…

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