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  • Religion 100 Lesson On Religion

    Religion 100 Lesson #13 1. Describe five basic beliefs of the Baha’i faith and state your own views on each of the beliefs you chose. For example, what are your own views about this belief? Do you share this view? Why or why not? The Baha’i faith started out as a sect of the Shi’ite Islamic faith system. The deviation from its founding religion grew so much that it is considered a separate religion all together with its own identity. The Baha’i primarily believe that all the religions of the world came from one divine source or one God, and a result of this fact there is a unity of all religious truth at its basis, and that all the prophets or messengers of God like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and the Bab, throughout history from various religions have a partial message from the one God that were sent to deliver Gods message based on the spiritual growth stage of humanity at the time these people lived. My personal views related to this belief are somewhat aligned as I was raised primarily in a Christian faith Baptist denomination, I have also had exposure to the Catholicism through my early educational experience, Eastern Philosophies, and Native American faith systems. Having had exposures to these different faith systems has taught me that God cannot be put into a box. If God is God, then he or she will speak in various ways to all his or her creation. God is boundless and cannot be contained. (Hopfe and Woodward, 2012, p. W C 14-3, p. W C 14-5,). A second…

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  • Short Story Of Muhammad: The Night Journey

    3- 6) Bahá’u’lláh says of Mohammad, “I recognize, O Thou Who art my heart’s desire, that were fire to be touched by water it would instantly be extinguished, whereas the Fire Thou didst kindle can never go out, though all the seas of the earth be poured upon it.” (Prayers and Meditations, 150). We who are believers are working with something unkillable. Night Journey When Mohammad returned to Mecca, He had the vision of the Night Journey (Mi’raj, “Ascent”), when He rose in spirit through the…

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  • Ya Bahai Prayer

    who then was about 8 years old took action since the girls were apparently alone in the house. The older sister ran downstairs to make some holy water with salt, which she then sprinkled on her sister and in every corner of the house. When she was finished there were bruises around the little sister’s neck but the bruja was gone, having fled outside and up into a tree. It never bothered them again! Various prayers and “sound prayers” work. “Ya Baha’u’llah!” has cleansed many a home, and the…

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