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  • Reflective Essay: The Wisconsin Experience

    In turn, learning about all the different dimensions of identity helped me to understand an identify different than myself and empathize with them. I think this is especially beneficial on a large campus with people from around the world and multiple backgrounds. I have learned to be accepting of everyone and never make assumptions about anybody. This will help my Wisconsin Experience through compassion, being able to understand a person, and be cautious of other’s backgrounds and cultures. The history, culture, and purpose of UW-Madison are related to the Wisconsin Idea. UW-Madison was established in 1838 but first classes didn’t meet until February 5, 1849. This is the idea the UW-Madison, a research university, should share its research and knowledge from the university throughout the state. This idea will influence my Wisconsin Experience by sharing whatever knowledge, programs, and research I learn throughout my time…

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  • Oshkosh Compare And Contrast

    College Compare Contrast Essay “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education” (Martin Luther King Jr.). Education has become an important factor in in society today. So important that there are hundreds of schools to choose from. Each school has its own qualities that make it unique. The properties of each school are what cause a student to want to go there. The Universities of Wisconsin…

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  • Differential Tuition Classes Essay

    to register for your bottleneck courses before some sucker steals the last spot. No doubt this situation sounds familiar -- bottleneck courses and consistent advising are big issues at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Pointer Partnership, a differential tuition proposal, is UWSP’s solution to the issue with bottleneck courses and the lack of consistent advising. Differential tuition is a separate fee from the base tuition on campus. The base tuition for each university is set…

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  • Diversity: First-Generation College Students

    course, many of these students will be applying to one of the top schools in this country, the University of Wisconsin- Madison. These students are from different areas of the country and also the world. In the fall of 2015, 29,580 of undergraduate students were enrolled at UW Madison (UW Madison Fact Sheet 15-16). As much as this school wants to express diversity on this campus, there is a group of students that are still in the shadows: first-generation college students. First-generation…

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  • Graduation Speech: Multicultural Student Center

    I’d like to begin by saying congratulations on your acceptance into the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Whether or not you’ve had the chance to tour the campus, I’m confident you’ll walk away learning something new. This tour has been specifically designed by the Multicultural Student Center to help point out resources aimed at creating a more inclusive and safe environment for our incoming students. We’ll make stops at some of the places on campus that have helped foster minority student…

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  • Personal Statement Of Purpose: A Career In College

    After contemplating, I narrowed down the search between two colleges, The University of Wisconsin River Falls, The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. After considerable research on both of the colleges, and after weighing many factors, I came to the decision that The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is best for me. Academic Program To begin my analysis, I compared the academic programs at the two schools. The major difference in the academic programs at the two schools is that River Falls…

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  • LGBTQ Ally March

    annual LBGT Ally March took place in the Reeve Ballroom at UW Oshkosh. The doors opened at 5:00 PM for attendees to enter. The beginning of the event was for participants to check out the resources that were displayed for the public. These resources included Career Services, University Police, LGBTQ Resource Center, Women’s Center, Counseling Center, and many more. The event involved three phenomenal speakers who spoke about the LGBTQ community, and then an ally march took place afterward. The…

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  • Freedom Of Speech On Campus

    Theobald BUS 230, Murray Introduction and Methods Background Freedom of Speech is America's first amendment and holds significant importance to American citizens. Recently, nationwide events have been causing a lot of uproar entailing issues of free speech. Although these events are known nationally, not all American's know what is happening on college campuses related to free speech issues. We found that free speech allows people to understand different cultures, unfortunately this isn't…

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  • Raph Armstrong Case Study

    combined with an unwavering eyewitness testimony resulted in her assailant, Richard Armstrong, receiving a life sentence. On June 24, 1980, the body of 19 year old UW-Madison student Charise Kamps was found shortly after noon in her apartment in Madison, Wisconsin. Her boyfriend Brian Dillman had been trying to reach her for several hours but repeatedly got a busy signal. He called Kamps’ friend Jane May, who was Armstrong’s fiancé, to go check in on her. When May had entered Kamps’ apartment,…

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  • Linh Nguyen: My Favorite Nail Technician In Richmond, Virginia

    she encountered was independence. She was use to her parents making decisions for her but she quickly learned that she could make her own decisions. For example, her parents wanted her to stay at home and help take care of the house. Tina stated that, “No, I want to make my own money.” She quickly picked up on the concept of freedom and independence which is not common in the Vietnamese culture especially for women. She quickly found a job at the nail salon that was owned by her future in…

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