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  • Raph Armstrong Case Study

    resulted in her assailant, Richard Armstrong, receiving a life sentence. On June 24, 1980, the body of 19 year old UW-Madison student Charise Kamps was found shortly after noon in her apartment in Madison, Wisconsin. Her boyfriend Brian Dillman had been trying to reach her for several hours but repeatedly got a busy signal. He called Kamps’ friend Jane May, who was Armstrong’s fiancé, to go check in on her. When May had entered Kamps’ apartment, she testified that the phone was off of the hook when she discovered the corpse of Kamps. Kamps had been repeatedly raped, with signs of blunt object insertion to her throat, vagina and anus as well as blunt object bruises to her scalp. It was ultimately determined that she had died of strangulation. When she was found, there was a belt from a bathrobe laying on her back, and she was facedown naked on the bed. The primary concentration of blood was found on the bed but there were some samples found elsewhere in the apartment. A bathrobe next to the bed produced semen samples and fingerprints were lifted from some objects in the apartment. Except for the bloody scene on and around the bed, an investigator testified that the bathroom was clean…

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  • Sympathy In Steven Avery's Making A Murderer

    episode of Wrestlemania than his predicament. Although the accused characters are portrayed as aloof, lovable, and confused men facing an intelligent adversary, one could argue that the phone conversations are misleading the audience by forcing them to construct the characters’ personality from limited views. For one, all of the phone conversations are only between family members and show no indication of how Avery or Dassey act towards other people. A logical conclusion a viewer may draw is…

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  • Wisconsin State Capital Case Study

    According to MadisonWI.com The State Capital is Madison. There population is 243,344 (2013). This is the second largest city in Wisconsin,it started out as a very small city. Madison became the Capital of Wisconsin in 1837,named after the president James Madison this city was chosen because it was located halfway between two rapidly growing cities,Milwaukee in the east and prairie duchan in the west Landmarks: Wisconsin State Capital The Wisconsin State Capital was completed in 1917, the…

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  • Edward Gein: The Psychology Of Edward Erikson And Sigmund Freud

    assistant at the University of Wisconsin medical school, both agreed that Gein was legally and medically insane and had Schizophrenia” (Illini, 1958). Ed Gein suffered from schizophrenia which is a mental disorder and it is categorized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality. This is a clear and accurate reason for one of the ways Ed Gein thinks, but his schizophrenia was nurtured and worsen by his mother. His mother branded biblical teachings into Ed Gein’s mind and taught…

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  • Fox River Case Study

    Through going up in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin, there has always been a topic that has continuously appeared and disappeared. That is the condition of the Fox River, throughout my childhood I was never able to fully use the river to swim or fish within. That is because of the dangerously high levels of pollution that are within the water. The river has been found to have 209 chemicals found in a study by Sharon A. Fitzgerald and Jeffrey J. Steuer. Throughout my studies, I have found great…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Wisconsin Experience

    In turn, learning about all the different dimensions of identity helped me to understand an identify different than myself and empathize with them. I think this is especially beneficial on a large campus with people from around the world and multiple backgrounds. I have learned to be accepting of everyone and never make assumptions about anybody. This will help my Wisconsin Experience through compassion, being able to understand a person, and be cautious of other’s backgrounds and cultures.…

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  • Community Improvements

    Estates outlines, social cohesion and economic success can be facilitated by successful collaboration and communication channels “through which information about the trustworthiness of other individuals and groups can flow” (Estates, n.d.). Positive interactions are the building blocks of communities. One example that teambuilding and creation of trust can be utilized is the Granite Peak Expansion Project. Rib Mountain, formerly called Rib Hill, began “1.5 to 2 billion years ago with the…

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  • Tammy Baldwin Stereotypes

    In the article “Tammy Baldwin sworn in to Senate, becomes first openly gay Senator” by Amada Terkel. Terkel discusses how Baldwin has won based on her message of focusing on the economy and fighting special interests. In Baldwin’s acceptance she states “I am proud to have the honor to have been sworn in just an hour as the first women from the state of Wisconsin and as the first openly gay member to serve in the United States Senate in our nation’s history”…

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  • The Case Of Steven Avery

    In 1985, an innocent man was sent to prison for a sentence of 36 years. This man’s name was Steven Avery. Steven was a resident on Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. A county where the police, the people you shouldn’t be afraid of, didn’t quite accept Avery because of an incident with his cousin, who was also the wife of the deputy, some time back, against Sandy Morris. The incident involved an empty fire arm weapon, which he pointed at Morris, when asked why he did it, his didn’t like the rumors…

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  • Bridge War 1845

    Eventually these three towns came together and formed the city of Milwaukee. Byron Kilbourn and Solomon Juneau In the end put their differences aside after the war, and decided that unification would be the best resolution for everyone. Their quarrel came to a complete halt; Juneautown, Kilbourntown, and Walker’s Point ceased to exist and in its place stood a united city of Milwaukee, the largest metropolitan of Wisconsin. This brief moment in history proved to be entirely significant it…

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