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  • Spicejet Case Study

    SpiceJet is an low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, India. It is the third biggest aircraft in the nation by number of travelers conveyed, with a piece of the overall industry of 13.2% as of March 2017. The carrier works 312 day by day flights to 55 goals, including 45 Indian and 10 global goals from its centers at Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Built up as air taxi provider ModiLuft in 1994, the organization was gained by Indian business person Ajay Singh in 2004 and re-dedicated as…

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  • Yotel Hotel Analysis

    BRIEF DESCRIPTION YOTEL is the revolutionary concept of hotel which is located inside the airport, such as Gatwick Airport South Terminal, Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.The idea is a combination of first class airline travel with Japanese capsule hotel in order to create small but luxurious cabins. Yotel has “Green” Scheme to ensure they grow as a sustainable and environmentally friendly company, the purpose they situating Yotel inside the terminal building is to limits…

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  • Ryanair Value Chain Analysis

    a) Operation Ryanair focusing on the low cost of operating, as they one of airlines company that offer low fares than competitors. In order to minimize the cost of operation, Ryanair using a single model of aircraft (the Boeing 737-800) which may help to reduce training cost, maintenance cost, purchase and storage of the spare part of the aircraft. Since these types of aircraft models are widely used the schedule of flight crews become more flexible. Thus, Ryanair can easily recruit the flight…

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  • Management Challenges Of Singapore Airlines

    Business And Management Challenges Report by Kim Donggue 1. Profile of Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines, or SIA, is the national airliner of Singapore which established on the year of 1972. With its home being located at Changi International Airport, according to their website, it currently has direct flight services to more than 60 destinations, 30 different countries worldwide. Singapore Airlines has Scoot, Tigerair and SilkAir as their subsidiaries. Current C.E.O. of Singapore Airlines…

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  • Ground Handling Agent Analysis

    Introduction This report aims to appraise the inter-dependability of the gate, check-in and dispatch departments of a ground handling agent. Specifically, the way the operate at the Heraklion ‘Nikos Kazantzakis’ Airport of Crete, Greece. In addition, ‘best practice’ examples from various other airports will be mentioned and a comparison of the operations[…] Check-in The check-in department is the first point of contact for passengers and the airline at an airport. Check-in agents are responsible…

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  • Turkish Airlines Swot Analysis

    Turkish Airlines is a carrier airline of Turkey that is situated at the Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakırköy, and Istanbul. The airline flies over 280 airports in 110 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, etc. It is the world's 4th largest carrier when measured by the number of destinations served. It also has codeshare agreements with about 40 other airlines. They operate their carrier at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST), Esenboğa International Airport (ESB) and…

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  • Jetblue Case

    AZ to MD JFK to NY CA to FL JetBlue $ - $188 $842 Southwest $456 $ - $898 Delta $846 $272 $1,626 American $403 $374 $721 1. Based on the research it appears JetBlue has lower prices compared to its competitors. JetBlue did not have available flights from Phoenix to Baltimore on October 25th. JetBlue’s base is JFK in New York. When JetBlue was able to lock in JFK as their base they…

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  • What Is Turboprop Engines?

    3:1 TurboProp Engines: A turboprop is a variation of a Jet Engine which has been optimised to drive a propeller instead of a Fan blade. Aircraft’s that are fitted with a TurboProp engine are very efficient at lower airspeeds, Burn less fuel per Nautical Mile an requirer shorter distances for take off and landings. Common among many small charter airlines and freight companies is the use of turboprop engines rather than turbine or turbofan engines mainly due to the reduced costs associated with…

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  • Case Study: Virgin Atlantic

    2.2 Organization’s Response: Critical Evaluation Virgin Atlantic positions itself in the form of a young and a rebellious airline. Virgin Airlines utilises differentiation-positioning methods in order to reach a targeted niche market. Their attempts to reach such market is via the airline services it provides to its customers that are unique to the company, distinguishing itself from the broader airline industrial market. The company leads in industrial environmental conscientiousness. Virgin…

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  • Sustainability Affecting Commercial Air Transportation

    What is sustainability? and How does it affect commercial air transport? Sustainability can be generally describe as ability to maintain and undergo any changes despite economic growth or recession. As part of progression of 21st century, human population are growing rapidly and in the other hand it will have been demonstrate a great impact on transportation sector. One of dominant transportation that have been used are commercial air transport. People tends to use air transport instead of other…

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