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  • The Dying Detective By Arthur Conan Doyle: An Analysis

    In the story “The Dying Detective,” Sherlock Holmes utilized his intelligence to obtain the truth about a crime committed by Mr. Culverton Smith. The whodunit was written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes planned to frame Mr. Culverton Smith. In order for him to do so, Sherlock Holmes acted as if he had a life threatening disease; he feigned his death. Mr. Culverton had given Sherlock Holmes the box that contained deadly poison. Sherlock Holmes did not tell anyone he was faking because he…

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  • Comparing Detective Fiction In Poe And Holmes

    1. Introduction This paper is about the detective fiction in Poe and Doyle, comparing the most important and well-known characters Dupin and Holmes. In order to do this, the paper will be divided in four parts: the detective fiction in both authors, the analysis of Dupin and the analysis of Holmes. In order to understand this work, it will be observed first what detective fiction is. Detective fiction is a genre in which an investigator or a detective, professional or not, investigates a crime,…

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  • Comparing Characters In Sherlock Holmes And A Scandal In Bohemia

    and the slight difference in situations lead to Doyle’s A Scandal in Bohemia to be a more thought provoking and cultural questioning tale. In both Poe’s and Doyle’s works the lead detectives share similar personalities. Both detectives, Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin and Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, are unconventional, withdrawn from society, have a love of solving problems beyond…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Watson Double Sidedness

    Double sidedness is human nature. Therefore, novels of a variety of genres cover the subject of double sidedness. What is important is that the detective genre also covers this subject. As an example, this essay will analyze two detective series. The first is the well-known Sherlock Holmes and the other is Gojeonbu(A classic club) which centers around a club that studies classics. More precisely, two characters of each series will be analyzed in terms of the double sidedness concept. Detective…

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  • Dupin And Holmes: A Comparative Analysis

    Our first assigned reading was Poe’s detective story, The Murders in Rue Morgue. In the story, the unconventional detective Dupin and the unnamed narrator solve the murder with the assistance of the police, their own private investigating, and Dupin’s intellect. When we watched The Study in Pink, similarities could be drawn between Poe’s detective, Dupin, and Doyle’s detective, Sherlock Holmes. For example, Sherlock is an unconventional detective. He also does his own private investigating and…

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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure Of The Final Problem

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writes a distinct but captivating tale of wit and cunning through his short story “The Adventure of the Final Problem.” The last escapade of the renowned detective is filled with suspense and drama as the contest between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty ends with the demise of both the champion of the law and the most dangerous criminal of their generation. Within this adventure, Doyle not only manages to provide a unique perspective by telling the story through the…

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  • Analysis Of The Narrator Account In Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

    Reliability of the Narrator’s Account in Poe’s ‘The Tale-tell Heart’ ‘The Tell-tale Heart’ is a short story written by the famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe. It was first published in 1843 and was revised to its present form in 1845 (Seghir, H.M., Djelloul, B., & Noureddine, B., 2013). The tell-tale Heart is a story of a murder, told by the murderer, himself. It tells about an old man who is seemingly under the care of a young person. The relationship of the characters in the story was not…

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  • Monet And Van Gogh: The Modern Art Movement

    In the mid-1800’s to the early 1900’s two artists are responsible for the modern art movement these two artists are Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. These two artists have very distinct style of painting, however, they both helped to shape the direction of painting would go over the following century. Monet and Van Gogh painted their lives on a canvas and in their thoughts and words. Through both of the men’s paintings we can understand the struggle as artists during this time in history. The…

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  • Analysis Of The Floor Scrappers By Gustave Caillebotte

    The floor scrapers is an oil painting that was done by Gustave Caillebotte, who was a French Impressionist. The painting measures 40.2 inches by 57.7 inches or 102 by 146.5 centimeters. In the year 1894, the Caillebotte’s family originally gave the painting to Muse du Luxembourg where in was later moved to Muse d’Orsay in Paris in the year 1986. This paper aims at doing thorough conceptual analysis on the painting named “The Floor Scrappers” by Gustave Caillebotte. The young painter…

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  • Comparison Of Edgar Allen Poe And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Writing Style

    There are two writers that have really sparked and changed the crime fiction genre and in my opinion there are few that have really impacted media and production films as much as Edgar Allen Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Edgar Allen Poe was really the first major contributor to the genre and outside of this course, he was one of the only crime fiction writers that my school exposed me to. In this writing I will explore Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing style as well as Edgar Allen Poe’s writing…

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