Use Of Romanticism In Poe's Sonnet To Science, And Transcendentalism

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1. How does Poe’s “Sonnet – To Science” fit into the idea of Romantic poetry as opposed to that of Transcendentalism? Poe’s sense of romance is shown when he writes, “Why prey’st thou thus upon the poets heart” and “How should he love thee—or how deem the wise”. Poe questions why science has taken away the leaves, green grass, and summer away from him. Romantics believe in imagining the beauty of truths that Transcendentalist could not.

2. How does Poe’s use of alliteration affect the flow of the “The Raven”? The use of alliteration makes the poem flow more fluently and adds rhythm to each stanza.

3. How does “The Raven” fit the characteristics of a Gothic Romantic work? Gothic characteristics in “The Raven” fits the romantic work because
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How do the opening lines of “Annabel Lee” create a feeling of a fairy tale? How is this contradictory of the typical American Gothic writing? The opening lines many many years ago suggest that he is reading a story about a fairytale princess that lives in a kingdom by the sea. The story contradicts the writing of an American gothic novelist because he describes her death as “kingsmen coming to take her in the heavens”. American gothic writings are usually dark with a horrifying end.

5. How does the poem change to fit more into the Gothic mode? The poem fits the Gothic mode when Poe writes, “That wind came out of the cloud by night, chilling and killing my Annabel Lee” and when he says, “I lie down by thy side in the tombs by the sea”. Sleeping by her gravesite is a gothic, to say the least.

6. Name 3 symbols that Poe uses in Ligeia and explain how they fit into the overall theme of the story. Three symbols written in Ligeia are; Ashtoreth the Egyptian goddess of fertility on page 644, God of Apollo was the patron of Artist and the angel of death Azrael. Each symbol fit in the story to show love, death and resurrection of a beautiful
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How does “The Tell-Tale Heart” demonstrate Poe’s focus on human obsession and the mental issues which can derive from it? He was obsessed with the so- called evil eye and stalked the old man for days but could not kill him just yet because the eye was closed. He tries to justify his madness but because of his paranoia and mental state of mind, he admits guilt in the end.

9. How does “The Black Cat” demonstrate the American Gothic idea of the struggle against evil and the ultimate loss of the battle? The Black Cat” represents the American Gothics when he applauds himself for not killing Pluto but cuts his eye out of the socket. He was in a drunken stupor and the constant violence he displays the cat became afraid and scratches him. He feels justified when he cut the cat eye out of the socket. Alcoholism is his struggle and his madness intensifies that result into the rage. He later hanged the cat from a tree and axed his wife to death.

10. How is “The Purloined Letter” different in theme, setting, plot, and characters than the previous works from Poe that we have read? “The Purloined Letter” is about blackmail and deceit. The story is about a stolen letter and C. Auguste Dupin is a so call detective and dumb police Officer G. This short story is about law, order, and intrigue. Most of Poe’s stories are dark and

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