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  • The Tree Of Life Film Analysis

    The Tree of Life is a subtle film that intricately links together the world while discussing vast concepts. One such concept, the way of nature, is personified through Brad Pitt’s character; he is a man who acts in primal animalistic ways, and consistently lets these emotions get the better of him. This motif has been explored in many films prior to Terrence Malick’s masterpiece and previous directors’ efforts by no means come close to the beauty of Malick’s film. Many of the films of the…

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  • The Interior Of The Palm House Analysis

    The Interior of the Palm House on the Pfaueninsel near Potsdam (The Art Institute of Chicago, 1996.388) is an oil painting on canvas produced in 1834 by the German painter, Carl Blechen. The piece is 52 ½ by 50 inches, depicting a scene of lush greenery and four women who have the appearance of stepping from the pages of a fantasy novel, all united within the pastel confines of ornate greenhouse walls. Despite its mystic and dream-like properties, Blechen 's Interior of the Palm House is…

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  • Side By Side By Side: Film Analysis

    The featured documentary ‘Side by Side’ was an enjoyable, informative documentary that discussed the history of the film industries use of emulsion film and the cautionary switch-over to the new digital movie format. Beginning in the late 1800’s with continued development of emulsion roll film by Eastman and the pioneering photography work of Edweard Muybridge and Louis Le Prince the advent of capturing and projecting moving images was at hand. The documentary covers the important developments…

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  • Gastronomic Philosophy Essay

    This essay discusses how gastronomic philosophy and how it impacts the modern restaurants and food businesses in a global context. The discussion involves the examination of the four following cuisines: Classical French Cuisine, Nouvelle Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy/Modernist Cuisine, New Danish Cuisine. Various ideas, values and beliefs underpinning the foundation of each cuisine will be discussed, and how each cuisine impacts modern restaurants and food businesses in a global context.…

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