Andre Breton, The Founder Of The French Surrealist Movement

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Andre Breton was a prominent French Surrealist poet who was born in France and was known as the founder of the Surrealist movement ( 1). Andre Breton was thought of as the man who was the influence of the Surrealist movement due to his outstanding work of art and literature during the movement ( 1). Breton found an interest in medicine and pursued medical school while a young man ( 1). Breton has developed his passion at a very young age and very rarely does a man find their passion at Breton’s age of adolescence ( 2). Breton’s interest in medicine and mental illness has shaped his poetry due to the idea of his entire life revolving around expressing your wild and creative ideas, which was what sparked the Surrealist movement and gave him the name of the founder of the Surrealist movement ( 2). Breton’s influence in surrealism has gained him success and fame due to his drive to acknowledge his creativity and imagination during a movement of strange thoughts and ideas. While inspecting Breton’s poems, one can notice the tone and depictions …show more content…
The poem titled, “It Was Going on Five in the Morning”, has reoccurring ideas of being alone and facing difficult times. During his time in the military, Breton may have been evolving around difficult obstacles. His interest in mental issues as an adolescent may have resulted in becoming an assistant during WW1. Breton’s early adulthood evolved around studying medicine, completing military programs, and assisted in military hospitals ( 1). One can say that Breton’s poem titled “It Was Going on Five in the Morning’ was different than his other poem titled “Postman Cheval” because one poem has covered being alone and understanding the ocean's roaring at the sound of screams and the other poem covers being calm and becoming a bird chirping at the sound of joy being around for everyone to

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