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  • Summary: Whose War In Yemen

    LARISON, D. (2015). Whose War in Yemen?. American Conservative, 14(5), 19-21. The Middle East, in the recent past, has been a hot bed for war and suffering for millions. The power struggles that exist have fueled war and intervention from western nations, including the U.S. Terrorism has been outsourced due to ideology and religion which led to involvement from the outside entities. This article outlines one of the most recent struggles affecting, literally, millions more with extreme hardship.…

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  • Racial Profiling Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    September 11, 2001: an unforgettable day in American history. Not only did the lives of American citizens affected by the terrorist attacks change, the perception of Middle Eastern men and women changed as well. Racism and prejudice towards Muslims and Arabs emerged and has only increased over time. Previously met with fierce opposition, the American people began to support racial profiling, mostly due to fear and a desire to feel safe. Although national security is vital, racial profiling is…

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  • Iraq Women's Rights

    Throughout the Middle East, there are a large number of countries that range from the wealthiest and educated, to the poorest and illiterate. For many people outside of the Middle East, the common assumption lies in the belief that prosperity and wealth are very progressive and liberal. However, this assumption is unfortunately not the case, because in countries such as Saudi Arabia; a very wealthy and educated state, tends to have very similar conservative and strict approach to woman’s rights…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Misconception Of Jordan

    My Misconception of Jordan The Middle East was nothing like I experienced it to be. I was expecting to see women fully covered from head to toe and very poor areas. Although that type of lifestyle does exist in the Middle East, I rarely saw it. In the Middle East, I stayed in Amman, Jordan. When I first arrived to my grandmother’s area I noticed every woman had their body and hair covered. The men wore sandals with jeans and regular t-shirts and no one drove nice cars.…

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  • Civil War In Yemen Essay

    The Civil War in Yemen Background: The Yemeni Civil War, in its complexity, is very difficult topic to fully comprehend. However, to gain an understanding how it all began is a slightly less confusing matter. With the Yemeni revolution in 2011, the then President for thirty-three years, Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Shia government were overthrown, instating Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi under a new democratic Sunni government. However, instability shook Yemen once again when Houthi forces performed a…

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  • The Political Outcomes Of The Arab Spring Uprisings

    The desire for political and civil rights have driven numerous societies to revolt against an oppressive rule in hopes to achieve a more democratic lifestyle. Thus, when Middle Easterners began becoming more fed up with oppressive regimes, the desire for a revolution emerged. The political outcomes of the Arab Spring uprisings were different for each country involved. While civil war arose in some countries, other countries did not have substantial revolts; there were even states that became so…

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  • Allah Made Me Funny Analysis

    Allah Made Me Funny is a comedy troupe that focused on breaking down stereotypes, without having to break down others in the process. Instead of focusing on other cultures, the comedians focus on themselves: namely, their struggles and the distorted perceptions that they must contend with as Muslim in post-9/11 America. Rather seeming to complain, they show that the perceptions that they have to deal with are themselves unreasonable and, frankly, absurd. This means allows Americans both to come…

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  • Women And Gender In Islam Summary

    Exploration of Women and Gender in the Middle East Ahmed, Leila. Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate. , 1992. Print. Keddie, Nikki R. Women in the Middle East: Past and Present. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007. Print. In the last few years, there has been a rising importance in the study of women and gender problems in the Middle East, revealed in the superior number of courses, books, and debates devoted to such topics. As a result, numerous scholars have…

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  • The Influence Of Arab Spring

    Arab Spring Arab Spring made trending news due to many protests happening in Syria, Algeria, and Tunisia. It all started with a man who lived in Tunisia named Mohamed Bouazizi according to (Gutierres). Bouazizi was unemployed, the food prices were high, and he was harassed by public officials. When that occurred, he set himself on fire on December, 2010. This got the attention of many people in the Arab World. "The people want to bring down the regime," as stated in the article (Occupy Wall…

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  • Saudi Arabian Culture: Bedouin Traditions

    family? Arabic language plays a significant role in understanding the faith of Islam. It thus serves as a common language amid the diverse community of believers. Quran must be memorized and recited in Arabic since it is the language in which it was revealed. Additionally, all prayers are conducted in Arabic language. It therefore necessitates every individual in the family to learn and be conversant with it. We were taught the language at an early age in school and in mosques. Although, Arabic…

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