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  • Research Paper On Egyptian Culture

    religion, customs) Egyptian culture is a vast and extensive things. Culture is the food, language, religion and customs. Egyptian food consist of; bread, corn, barley, rice, couscous, beans, fruits, and beef, lamb, or rabbit. Their language is French Arabic. Egyptians are mostly Sunni Muslim. Customs of Egypt include; handshakes, Giving gifts to the hostess of your dinner not salting your foods. Sources:…

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  • Child Soldiers In Syria

    Numerous social issues are spreading rapidly around the world, but the social issue of child soldiers has had a drastic increase in recent years. Currently, about 250,000 child soldiers exist worldwide (“Child Soldiers” World Vision). Although the recruitment of child soldiers has existed for several years, currently in various regions rebellious organizations along with military forces of countries have increased the recruitment of child soldiers. Specifically, children in the Middle East face…

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  • Arab American National Museum: Museum Analysis

    In week five, in the class of Introduction to Humanities there was information that was presented to us by The Creative Impulse about the art forms of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I knew for our class discussion that there needed to be a picture of Islamic art, so that we could discuss the art of that period. Consequently, I went to the Arab American National Museum for some examples of Islamic art that I could photograph. The museum is only open Wednesday thru Saturday and is closed for…

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  • Summary: Political Instability In The Middle East

    Even though the middle east has overcame western domination over the past centuries, one can beyond doubt see the political instability that plagues the middle east, and this political irregularity will cause increasing international turmoil. The Middle East is in a very fragile state that one big incident can cause it to shatter like a tray of glasses being bumbed. When this happens it could possible take the rest of the world with it. This political instability all happened because of the…

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  • Gudea Statue

    Art has been a large contributor to sharing the history of our world. We learned this week that it was important to use art in times when not everyone can read or when there is not a common language within a small territory. Both these statues are perfect examples of how artists can show their own interpretation of what is happening in the world around them through their art. Here I will consider the story being told by the artist in both statues. The first statue is the Royal…

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  • Compare And Contrast Egypt And Greek Culture

    The Greeks and the Egyptians, though they thrived around the same time periods, were two very distinct civilizations with different outlooks on the way they worshiped their gods and leaders. Both the Greeks and the Egyptians main focus when worshiping their gods was to appease their gods and to gain the gods favor, both through daily rituals, sacrifices, and prayer. The Egyptians believed that to get to the afterlife that a person’s body need to be preserved exactly as it was when you were…

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  • Reflective Essay In English

    I was born in Somalia, but I was raised in a small village called Mander in Kenya. When I grew up and started going to school, I learned three languages. The first one was my Native Language which is Somali, the second one was Kiswahili which was used as the national language in Kenya, and my third language was English. In schools in Kenya, the community was not paying more attention to the English language so much as they do to Kiswahili language because they wanted to stick with their language…

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  • Syrian Refugees Crisis

    Although there has always been tension between Syrians and their government, the tension officially erupted on March 2011 with the punishment of revolutionary teenagers. This marked the end of peaceful protests as consequences for rebelling against the government became more severe. Since then, the conflict has escalated, leading to a loss of more than 300,000 lives and the displacement of six million people throughout Middle Eastern countries. While financial aid for Syrian refugees has…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Syrian War

    The Involvement of Iraq is a Lesson the US Need to Learn Since the end of World War II, the US have been intervening on the region and country of the Middle East more than anywhere else in the world. Americans consider the Middle East as a luxurious region to settle due to the high quantity of oil found in that region. Despite the vast amount of economic and political change to many Arab country doing that period, The US created different foreign policy. These different policies have seemed as…

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  • Argument On The Existence Of God

    Without God, there is no real obligation to hold true to morals. Morals are simply devices that we have adapted to in order to ensure the survival of our species. Craig uses the example of rape, saying that certainly everyone knows that rape is wrong, but without God there is nothing truly wrong with rape, it is simply something that we avoid because it is not beneficial to humankind. But because there is a real moral objection to this behavior, then it is important because it is another…

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