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  • The Importance Of A Bank In Saudi Arabia

    investigated and reported upon the following points; General Considerations: religion, language, dress etiquette and customs. Travel Issues including access and importance of visa and country security. 2.0 General Considerations 2.1 Language & Religion Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, though travellers need not to worry as English is widely spoken and commonly used in business and often a compulsory second language in schools. In Saudi it is mindful to be aware that there are…

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  • Essay About Refugee Refugees

    It is commonly thought that a refugee is defined as a person forced to flee from their own habitat due to armed conflicts or severe natural disaster. Refugee aid is the humanitarian response to such disasters that have caused the lack of fresh drinking water, hygiene, accommodations, safety and the growth of illnesses that can place lives in mortal danger. Principally, humanitarian support in such chaotic conditions centers on preventing death, giving assistance and safety measures for those…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet In The Middle East

    Speech to Inform: Implementing Information System will bring competitiveness to businesses The Middle East region contains the Arabic peninsula, Cyprus, the states on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Iran in the north-east, and Egypt in the south-west. It really is a densely populated region that concentrates enormous material and human resources. Surfing from Internet site to Internet site I have found that Internetworking in the Middle East region has a well-established system which…

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  • The Importance Of Training In The Middle East

    1. This paper argues that the U.S. should cease training foreign armies in the Middle East. The United States (U.S.) State Department funds a program called International Military Training and Education (IMET).1 The program’s purpose is to benefit “U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, by helping allies and partners improve their defense capabilities and enhance their ability to participate in missions alongside U.S. forces.”2 Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue A Scholarship

    will provide me with an accommodating schedule to fulfill a degree that will integrate advanced Arabic language courses with political coursework on the Arab world. This, I believe, would be the ideal opportunity to further my passion for Arabic studies in the Ivy League. My recent experience studying Arabic on a David L. Boren Scholarship in Amman, Jordan, has allowed me to obtain an intense level of Arabic language proficiency, with experience integrating the language into both research and…

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  • Code Switching As A Home Language: A Study

    Another study completed providing support for code switching as a home language use strategy was conducted by Yeganehpour (2012). The purpose of this study was to evaluate if code switching in a reading comprehension classroom for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners would have any effect on their learning of English. The researcher administered a pre-test to both a control group and an experimental group. The control group was not allowed to code switch during their reading…

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  • Acacia Gum Research Paper

    What are the primary benefits of acacia gum? Description: acacia gum is an anteing herb which is now treated as one of the most important ingredients of herbal world but now normal drugs are also including the same for its beneficial effects. In modern pharmaceutical world, acacia gum is a big name as this hum has got a lot of medicinal properties. It acts as demulcent in different drugs that are used for healing various wounds. On the other hand, plaque and periodic bacteria deposition can be…

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  • ISIS And International Terrorism

    International terrorism involves any violent acts toward human life that violate federal or state law with a minimum sentence of twenty five years with labor. ISIS, a new terrorist group that stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, mimicked the name Isis the Egyptian goddess and ruler of the underworld. The organization started their attacks on Syria and Iraq to gain territory and independence, but later on they pushed their forces to many foreign countries. The organization films,…

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  • Perso-Islamic History

    The Samanids were part of a greater collation of local dynastic regions that sought to defray the orthodox traditions of installing a Arabic descendent of Muhammad to govern the Persian peoples. In some ways, the local Samanid government was primarily Sunni, but the government was very tolerant of Buyid Twelver Shias that were in close regional proximity. These regional dynasties defined…

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  • Essay About Living In Saudi Arab

    While living in Saudi Arab is entirely distinctive then living in America on the grounds that both nations society are altogether different then one another. While living in Saudi Arab, we used to visit our relatives and invest more energy with our families. I live there with my guardians. I don 't need to tolerate my cost. My dad takes all the enormous choices for the family while my mom take the choice of house like what to cook, how to enliven the house, what furniture ought to be utilized,…

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