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  • Into Thin Air Missoula Analysis

    Jon Krakauer, a successful and well published author, focuses his literary pursuits on controversial topics that tug on the reader’s heart strings and urge the reader to contemplate topics that are commonly neglected. Two of his books, Into Thin Air and Missoula, may share the same author, but they differ greatly in many stylists aspects. Krakauer, without a doubt, has a distinct and captivating writing style, yet there are many apparent differences when shifting from one of his books to the…

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  • Reflection Of ATPCO Customer Center

    We’re Leaner and Greener Conference collateral and related information were made available to attendees electronically on the conference website, app and USB flash drive. After the event, presentations were posted on the ATPCO Customer Center. As a result, the amount of printed material distributed at the Global Conference was the lowest ever. In addition to being greener, paper reduction is another proof point that ATPCO is becoming more tech-focused. Selected Customer Comments • ATPCO should…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Equity In The Workplace

    Situation when I treated unjustly, and how I restored equity. One situation where I thought I was treated unfairly was when I worked at the airport lounge over the summer. It was my first job in the USA, thus I was excited, and tried to give my best effort on my work so that I could learn something. I was younger than all of my co-workers, and I always tried to follow their instructions and helped them whenever they ask for. However, I had some awesome co-workers, but over time I observed some…

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  • Short Story: Spike Island

    As the footsteps got closer and closer William Quirke scanned the room. He took in the scared faces and tense bodies as he tried to think of something to say, something to say that would not only convert the men standing before him but give them hope. Give them hope that one day Ireland would be free and the people of this great country would remember their names for centuries. Finally, William took a deep breath and cleared his voice. One last time he looks at the scared faces surrounding him.…

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  • Political Machines And Urban Revolution

    In the second half of the nineteenth century cities in the United States began to see a great increase in urban growth, which gave the political machines an opportunity to flourish and gain control of the city. Due to the change from an agricultural society to urban society, things began to to change as people moved to the city for industrial employment. The rapid disorganized growth caused an increase in immigration, poverty, crime, and disease. This gave the machine bosses an opportunity to…

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  • Gender Roles In Chaucer

    In Chaucer’s satirical comedy The Canterbury Tales, and Shakespeare’s play King Lear, women are portrayed in a negative light. In both time periods, female characters are supposed to be submissive and obedient to their husbands; furthermore, as seen in the text, women are frowned upon for being knowledgeable and independent. Each author uses his work to promote their opinion on gender roles in society. In the fourteenth century, society was based on hierarchal status and women were at the…

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  • The Importance Of Equity In Education

    As my field work at Carter Elementary comes to an end, I can honestly say that nothing better prepares you for working with children than doing just that. No matter how many hours I sit in UTSA’s lecture halls and classrooms, or study the socially just and proper way to respond to each situation, it will never be more beneficial that being in an actual kindergarten class for two hours a week. As we progressed in IDS 2013, I was eager to visit my students in Mrs. Ferguson’s class and witness what…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Boston

    The day started out exceptionally. It was around 4:30 AM and the sun was just piercing through the veil of the horizon. I jumped out of bed, dressed in a long sleeve and a pair of old faded jeans and proceeded to brush my teeth as well as a long hot shower. Afterwards, as a precaution, I had breakfast because I didn’t know where we going to eat on the way to Boston. Rushing to get there already I grabbed my sling bag with my pillow, snacks and money and made my way to school where adventure was…

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  • Eddie Murphy's Coming To America

    Acting is an art form that allows an individual to pretend to be something they’re not and an actor is someone who withholds this awe-inspiring power. It’s as if they have the capability to step into another person’s shoes, live their life, and face little to no consequences when doing so. Twenty-eight years ago, Eddie Murphy released his ambitious and now beloved comedy, Coming to America. Coming to America follows Prince Akeem and Semmi’s journey to the unfamiliar place of Queens, New York…

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  • The History Of Worcester's Union Station

    We interact and experience architecture every day. It is physically impossible not to and because of this, it is incredibly easy to take it for granted and to forget about all the thought and care that was taken to create such huge feats. Worcester’s Union Station is located directly off of highway 190 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thousands of people pass by it on a daily basis without even realizing that it is something more than a “pretty train station”. Before we begin, let’s answer the…

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