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  • An Analysis Of Who Cooks By Anthony Bourdain

    Ever wonder who is cooking the food in the kitchens of America’s favorite restaurants? Anthony Bourdain answered this question in his article titled “Who Cooks?” Anthony Bourdain is a chef, writer and has been featured on some reality television shows. He discussed how the line cooks are not who most people think they are; they are not professionals but instead they are non-American men who cannot make it elsewhere according to his experience. Line cooking involves mindless repetition that not…

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  • Song Analysis Of Feeling Good, By Nina Simone

    Nina Simone was born February 21, 1933; she died just two months after her 70th birthday on April 21, 2003; she sang the rhythm and blues between the years of 1954, and 2003. She was even nominated for an Oscar Award (nin). British songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse wrote…

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  • Fahrenheit 451, And Anthony Burgess: A Comparative Analysis

    issues in our society. Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, and Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, were both novelists who produced books that fell victim to censorship, being banned for their artistic and realistic views. Offering both controversial and persistent protests against societal issues, Fahrenheit 451 and A Clockwork Orange foster impactful messages that changes the way the reader perceives the world. Anthony Burgess wrote A Clockwork Orange with three questions in…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Antisocial Analysis

    Antisocial Personality Disorder in A Clockwork Orange. Clockwork orange is a dystopian movie revolving around Alex, the main character and also the narrator. The movie starts with Alex and his group beating up an old man because they disliked how he sound while singing. As the movie progresses on you see a couple more scenes of violence. A particulary important scene is when Alex and his drooges invaded the Author's house and raped his wife. It's clear that Alex enjoys causing distress in other…

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  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian novel based on Anthony Burgess’ personal experiences with juvenile delinquency and youth gangs in 1960’s England. Protagonist Alex narrates his Ultra-Violent exploits committed as a teenager, before being betrayed to state authorities by his droogs (lackeys) and becoming the first victim of an experimental reclamation programme known as the ‘Ludovico Technique’. Burgess employs a wide array of literary devices including tone, biblical allusion and imagery to…

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  • The Social Structure Theory Explain The Potence Of Middle Class Crime

    To understand how a structural theorist would explain the presence of middle class crime you have to first understand what the Social Structure Theory stands for. Social Structure Theory is defined as “the view that disadvantaged economic class position is a primary cause of crime” (Siegel, 2015, p. 187). What Siegel means is that the lower the social class and more disadvantaged and oppressed the population they have more of a reason to commit crime. Everyone knows that 95% of the wealth is…

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  • A Doll's House Film Analysis

    Unfortunately, it is simply beyond the scope of this paper to analyze the entirety of these two productions of A Doll’s House. As a result, three scenes will be compared, contrasted, and analyzed through Butler’s theory in order to examine these gender performances. The three scenes chosen for this endeavor are as follows: Nora’s discussion with Torvald in the very beginning of Act I, Nora practicing the tarantella dance before the party in Act II, and Nora and Torvald’s final confrontation in…

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  • Argumentation And Truth-Making Theory Essay

    Prospectus Draft David Hume once said that “Truth springs from arguments among friends (CITE HEINRICHS).” While researchers often engage in discourse about what truth is and how we know truth, one constant appears present. In order to formulate even the discourse of whether a social scientist can discover truth or Truth these social scientists must have an ability to think and express their thoughts in differentiating manners. If every social scientist though the same way there would be no need…

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  • Analysis Of A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

    the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. After choosing this piece, I did a little research on the author and his work. To my surprise, A Clockwork Orange is a classic novel that has been widely acclaimed. In 1971, the novel was even translated into the film industry by Warner Brothers Company. The movie skyrocketed book sales throughout the world and thus the film adaptation cemented the book even further to the top of the acclaimed reading list. Anthony Burgess often expresses that he…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Analysis

    Student Resources in Context. Web. 10 Mar. 2012. "Anthony Burgess." Newsmakers. Detroit: Gale, 1994. Student Resources in Context. Web. 10 Mar. 2012. Banks, Gordon. “Kubrick’s Psychopaths.” Society and Human Nature in Stanley Kubrick’s Films. July 4, 2010. Burgess, Anthony. A Clockwork Orange. W.W. Norton & Company Inc. New York: 1962. Burgess, Anthony. “Introduction.” A Clockwork Orange. W.W. Norton & Company Inc. New York: 1962. Clune, Anne. "Anthony Burgess." DISCovering Authors.…

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