Beowulf Persuasive Essay

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Greatness is only rewarded to those who seek it, not to those who wait for it to be handed out. Accordingly, producing movies based on great works of literature means translating the original work into something that not only has a great moral, but that is also visually captivating throughout the entire duration of the film. Beowulf the poem was published by an anonymous author in the 900’s and reflects the Anglo-Saxon civilization which had just recently converted to Christianity at the time of its writing. Being a highly distinguished poem, the film industry decided to interpret the story through a new performance capture technology in which an actor’s movements are converted to animated scenes. Beowulf the movie then made its debut in 2007. …show more content…
The reason behind the confusion is that during the uprising of Christianity, the people had the knowledge to identify how Beowulf was still a hero despite killing the dragon who was only protecting what was his. The conclusion of the poem states that all men should “raise up words for their lords, warm with love, when their shield and protector leaves his body behind, sends his soul on a high,” meaning that even though Beowulf committed murder, the praise received by his people intercede before God, therefore sending his soul to heaven despite his final fault of judgment against the dragon (Burton). Through this evidence it can be concluded that what was common knowledge in the 900’s has changed over hundreds of years because a modern audience would not easily be able to connect glory to heaven since the modern Christian church teaches that all glory should go to God and seeking glory for one’s self can be classified as a sin because all humans are equal after death. Resultantly, the movie reflected a modern perspective where Beowulf tried to return the stolen piece of gold to the dragon in exchange for peace as any modern hero would have done because otherwise the story would also have to explain religion from the 900’s and as a result create too much dialogue in an action driven animated

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