Essay On Beowulf Is A Good Leader

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Beowulf is a good leader do to his decisions and qualities he made in the Epic Novel Beowulf. He shows many qualities including confidence, bravery, and being decisive. Also Beowulf’s decision’s helped save and protect a Kingdom. This shows just a glimpse of how good a leader Beowulf really is. Beowulf has many decisions that help save a kingdom and its citizens. First he arrives at the land of the Danes and decides to fight a monster that is terrorizing their lands. He fights this monster which is known as Grendel, and defeats this terrible monster. After defeating the wretched beast his worst nightmare appears Grendel's mother! she is even worse than Grendel in the sense that she has the power to kill twice as many soldiers and citizens. He …show more content…
“That mighty protector of men Meant to hold the monster till its life”(Beowulf L791-792). This goes to show that he is a tough man and will lead is people into only what he thinks they can handle. Another strong quality Beowulf contains as a leader is bravery! He goes into battle against the fiercest monsters for the good of others. For Example he saves the kingdom of the Danes from the mother of Grendel, knowing it could be the end of him. Finally his last great quality is being decisive. Once he has his mind set on something someone he accomplishes it. An example of this is when he comes with the mindset of killing Grendel and becoming the best leader he can be for his people by making them safe. This all shows how he is a great leader and his qualities help him be a great leader. Beowulf's decisions and qualities show he is a great leader and can accomplish a task if it means putting his life at risk. This may all seem like stupid information but this is what a leader needs to have to be a leader; and that's what Beowulf had. What I stated above concludes all of the ways I see Beowulf as a leader and as a

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