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  • Alfred The Great Claim To Be King Essay

    In the context of the years 875-975 how valid were the claims of Alfred the Great and his successors to be kings of all England? The extent of the authority of the Anglo Saxon kings varied between them, and depended on many factors within their reign including unity within their kingdom, challenges to their authority and what they controlled on a geographical scale as well as social. We have to consider these factors whilst making a well rounded judgement on whether they could claim to be kings…

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  • Essay On Ames Room

    Ames Room What is an Ames room? An Ames Room is a room that is used to create a visual illusion due to its slanted figure. While the room gives an appearance of a square-shaped from the viewers’ observation, it actually has a trapezoid shape. This effect works by developing a distorted room to create the illusion of a intense modification in its size. The illusion that is projected leads the observer to believe that the two objects that are in the same depth of area, when in reality the subject…

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  • The Birds Alfred Hitchcock Analysis

    Alfred Hitchcock’s famous films Psycho and The Birds both portray women in a uniquely comparable way as each of these two films centre around the journey of a woman. His famous 1960 film, Psycho, follows Marion Crane, a Phoenix secretary who stumbles across and seizes the opportunity to claim a large sum of cash to start a new life. His equally critiqued 1963 film, The Birds, focuses on wealthy business woman Melony Daniels, as she travels to the green retreat Bodega Bay in order to win over a…

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  • Richard Linklater Coming Of Age Analysis

    Auteur of Coming of Age Richard Linklater is a self-taught director who has been creating films since the 90’s. His films are intensely honest and realistic in their depiction of life. In order to be an auteur it is necessary to create movies in which a part of them resides in each of their films. This is true of Wes Anderson and his dream world, and of the Coen Brothers and their dark humour, moreover, Richard Linklater is an auteur in that he uses his personal experiences to build his films.…

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  • Analysis Of The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing

    The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing: A Discussion The most relatable person in The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing would have to be Steven Spielberg, while discussing the challenges of choosing how to edit a scene with so many options with many different outcomes. This describes one of the biggest challenges one might face while editing film. His passion for what he does shines through as well. The documentary teaches a few things about visual storytelling. While talking about…

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  • Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

    Psycho is a classic among the entire horror movie genre with many memorable iconic scenes by the only Alfred Hitchcock in the history of Cinema. Tense, horrific and a superb lesson in filmmaking, it offers complex characters and revealing dialogue with a huge regard for details. Psycho also features glorious use of mise-en-scene, a fancy French term for all of the visual elements in the frame used to infer meaning. Hitchcock famously uses this concept in the parlor scene, where Marion and Norman…

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  • Film Analysis: Mad Max Fury Road

    Mad Max Fury Road is an astonishing movie. They did a great job with the editing. This includes the visual effects, and continuity of the film. A multitude of aspects are completely overlooked by the general audience, when it has to do with the editing. Furiosa, the main female protagonist of the story, is escaping from the Citadel, a post-apocalyptic city. The Citadel is ruled by ruthless leader that portrays himself as immortal. Furiosa was a driving an oil tank truck to disembark to a place…

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  • Strangers On The Train Analysis

    Suspense Suspenseful situations are thrills that base jumpers, roller coaster fanatics, and movie enthusiasts all possess. It is this suspense that they all seek, and it is especially common in Alfred Hitchcock’s films in which the most enticing moments are lurking around the corner. Specifically in Strangers on the Train, Hitchcock uniquely rolls out the drama by both expanding and contracting the audience’s knowledge as well as the characters’ knowledge. More precisely yet, Hitchcock alludes…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Analysis

    In the first scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, it could be taken as a flirtatious-romance film; however in the opening title sequence of the film, an ominous tone is set—a more accurate portrayal of the film. The first shot after the opening sequence shows the main protagonist, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren), at a street corner with the frame of the camera shooting the busy street scene and the skies above. While the sky is clear, it is only after when Melanie crosses the street that birds…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Film 'Shadow Of A Doubt'

    An audience attending a Hitchcock film is required to do much more than eat popcorn and drink soda! A Hitchcock film immerses the audience within the action of the film using stylistic and cinematic elements, such as: camera placement, editing, point of view, subjectivity and objectivity, all working together in ways that help to evoke certain emotions, while also provoking certain questions, making you wonder just what in the world Hitchcock is going to do next? In 39 Steps, one can see the…

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