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  • Comparison Of Psychoanalysis And Humanism

    The aspects of the study of psychoanalysis were brought about by key proponents, namely Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler. Frued’s approach to psychoanalysis grew out of his desired attempts to treat mental disorders. During the period of 1894 – 1900, Freud went through a period of what was later to be known as his period of “creative illness”. It was in this period…

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  • Alfred Adler's Theories Of Adlerian Therapy

    Adlerian Theory Alfred Adler’s theories on therapy revolve around the core belief that human beings do not solely live in a realm of circumstance but in fact a realm of meaning, experiencing reality by the means in which the individual chooses to define it (Adler, 2014). Unlike his contemporaries who believed that people were static and responded to impulse and biological drives alone, Adler’s viewed them as purpose driven entities striving to achieve personal goals and self defined ideals…

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  • Elliot Rodger's Personality Theory

    will do so never go beyond contemplation of it (Nagourney, Cieply & Feuer, 2014). Therefore, what exactly triggered him to commit such vicious act? After thorough research on various personality theories, our group are able to apply Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Erik Erikson theories to Elliot Rodger brutal personality. When exploring his personality, our group was also able to identify certain factors that could be examined using Sigmund…

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  • The Carlat Psychiatry Report

    Horney defined neurosis as a maladaptive and counterproductive way of dealing with relationships, which eventually drove people away (Horney, 1920). Unlike Freud, Adler, and Jung, Horney viewed obsession-compulsive thoughts as as a way of interpersonal control and coping. According to Horney, children adapted this personality style, filling their life with anxiety and obsession-compulsion behaviors. Horney felt…

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  • Comparing Dreams In Sigmund Freud And Carl G. Jung's Theories

    have completely different thoughts of the meaning of dreams and the language the dream uses, their theories differed too much it ended their friendship. Jung had a thought that dreams are another language that uses symbols, images, and metaphors. Alfred Adler thinks are there symbols, images, and metaphors prepare us for situations that are going to happen in the future (Folks 6). Jung thinks our dreams are basically the language our unconscious mind uses. Because we use another language in our…

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  • Alfred Adler's Birth Order Theory

    1.3.1 Birth Order Theory According to Alfred Adler’s birth order theory proposed that the predetermine order of birth is attributed to the different characteristics due to the position of the child and the family environment, he also suggested that the characteristics were responsible to the children for their future lifetimes (Ha & Tam, 2011). The children have to learn about their position by understanding their behavior. The first born child holds the dominant position in the family. They…

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  • Birth Order And Personality

    play a significant role in helping to develop our personality traits. Alder believes our birth order helps shape our personality (Beaver,121). Alder proposed that the first few years of our lives are how our personalities are formed. Research done by Alfred Alder and Frank Sulloway have shown a significant correlation between birth order and the development of a child’s personality. Topic: Birth Order Thesis Statement: Our personality is made up of qualities and behaviors that make us unique…

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  • Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behavior

    this particular theory may include a direct result from neglect, abuse, supervision, and the parents own antisocial or criminal behaviors (Ministry of Justice, 2009). Alfred Adler started his medical career as an ophthalmologist but later decided to turn to psychiatry, and spent time on Freud’s discussion group (Mitchell, 2005). Adler wrote, "Every individual represents a unity of personality and the individual then fashions that unity. The individual is thus both the picture and the artist.…

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  • Personality And Frictional Character Analysis: Adolf Hitler

    World War II and gain the power he wants and became superior. According to Alfred Hitler was dominated/ ruling style type .He was ambitions to gain power and superiority. He did not accept others views and do what he wants to do. His ruling style personality was one of the reasons that he never accepts his failure. Hitler was the only son who survived that’s why her mother loved him so much and protects him according to Alfred due to his mother care and pampering Hitler lead a pamper life…

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  • Theories Of Psychoanalytic Personality

    He theorized that people were driven by the life and death force and that the mind consisted of three parts; the id, ego and superego. These must be balanced in order to shape a balanced mind. Alfred Adler thought that psychosis was caused by having an inferiority complex. He believed that such a person would spend their lives trying to overcome their feelings of inferiority. This would result in the person ceasing to develop emotionally beyond the…

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