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  • Continental Soldier: A Summary

    little documentation that detailed further into this masked soldier. Herman Mann, a budding journalist and fictional author, is the author of the only novel documenting Deborah Sampson’s achievements in a hybrid writing style of fiction and reality. Alfred Young, a distinguished professor of history at Northern Illinois University and senior research fellow at the Newberry Library, explores the exaggerated detailing of the female soldier and begins to construct a realistic timeline of…

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  • Harold And Maude Character Analysis

    Harold Chasen is one of the two main characters of the book “Harold and Maude“ by Colin Higgins. Shortly after the book had been published in 1971, the movie of the same name, directed by Hal Ashby, hit the theatres. In the novel, Harold, an introverted, death-obsessed boy, meets Maude, an old, freedom-loving lady. The reader witnesses Harold’s development under her influence. As the story is told from Harold’s point of view, the reader does not get a lot of information about his outer…

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  • Ocean's Eleven

    It is not often that I find myself cheering for the liars and thieves of the world in the same way that I would a superhero. Nevertheless, director Steven Soderbergh’s hit film, “Ocean’s Eleven” accomplishes this feat in a 2001 remake of the original 1960's film which starred Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. The modern take stays true to suave Hollywood glamour in using today’s brightest stars; a list that includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts in the leading roles. The…

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  • Analysis Of Nightcrawler

    Huda R Mohammad Professor Jeff Ambrose Eng 112 20 November 2017 Nightcrawler- The Power of The Psychopath Entering into writer-director Dan Gilroy’s world of Nightcrawler, the audience has an uneasy feeling about its off-killer anti-hero. It is a thrilling movie that paints an image of “the world of crime journalism”, where every police siren is converted into an opportunity to earn cash. Lou Bloom, played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a performance of quirk and creepy smiles, speaks with a precise,…

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  • Patriotism In Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious

    Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious is one of his standout works, and many consider it to be his best film created. He manages to create a film that doesn't have any gunshots, fight scenes, dead bodies, over the top action sequences, but still manage to have you glued to the screen wondering what will happen next. The man many consider a master of thrill and suspense might have created a perfect love story, while also throwing in cultural significance of what was happening in the world in 1946.…

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  • Film Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    The movie, 12 Angry Men, directed by Sidney Lumet is truly a work of art. Lumet was clearly meticulous in his direction of 12 Angry Men by making sure to key in on specific points. This meticulous direction, by Lumet, is evident in the camera elements incorporated into the film. Lumet’s incorporation of the camera elements: camera work and costume and make-up greatly added to the overall effect of the movie. The most influential camera element that was used in the film was camera work. Lumet…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Narrative Techniques In The Birds

    The Birds, which introduced Alfred Hitchcock who known as the master of suspense, as its director in 1963, is one of the oldest horror films in American history. In my paper, I will analyze the uses of narrative in the movie supported by the signs, images and metaphors. The film told about bird attacks to people who lived in Bodega Bay in California (“Alfred Hitchcock - The Birds 1963”, 2016). These attacks took place in a few days. The plot of the movie was well -organized, and it began…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Film Strangers On A Train

    Strangers on a Train is a film by Alfred Hitchcock which takes from his previous works and culminates them into his most suspenseful film yet. This essay will be analyzing that tennis match sequence which is packed with visual ques commenting on the narrative, hazing the line between protagonist and antagonist, and mix all of this up to create one of the most suspenseful scenes in the film. The first shot in the sequence is when Guy has just finished a set against his opposition and takes a…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Use Of Suspense In Film

    Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense as we have learned over the course of this semester. Three main things that we’ve in his movies were; he would use mounting tension, as seen in rope; he would use the grand reveal as seen in vertigo; and he would balance his suspense with humor as seen mostly in north by northwest. These three things could all be considered suspenseful, especially around the fifties and sixties. The first style of suspense, mounting tension was shown in rope. One…

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  • Cloverfield Poster Analysis

    which we see the world has the ability to provide answers or raise questions. In this case, questions are raised as to what is happening in this alternate reality, this world that we have no control over. The film Rear Window is a classic film by Alfred Hitchcock that shows the perspective that a static viewpoint provides in a horror setting. Rear Window shows the world outside of a man’s window. Hitchcock had to create a set that immersed an audience as the poster had to create a world that…

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