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  • Ming Dynasty Spy Agencies

    The spy agencies of the Ming During the Ming Dynasty, there were many Spy agencies developed by different emperors. They are the Eastern Depot Factory, Western Depot Factory and the Jinyiwei (Emperors’ personal bodyguards). Each were created for its own purpose and to each agency. Eastern Depot was created by Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth son Zhu Di. Western Depot was created by Zhu Jian Shen, Ming Dynasty’s eighth emperor. The most famous Jinyiwei was created by Hong Wu Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang himself…

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  • Hierarchal Structure Of Police Agencies

    different levels of policing agencies. Even though there are different levels of policing agencies, the manner in which they arrange them are all the same, because they have the same goal. The police organizations are hierarchical and they are outlined with separate departments, units, and structure (Cascio, 2010). The components work jointly to form a completely functional law enforcement agency (Cascio, 2010). A few examples of local police organizations are county and city agencies. The…

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  • Geographical Coverage Of Care Agencies In Shanghai

    from 13 care agencies in Shanghai. These care agencies vary in size and geographical coverage of service provision. As Figure 1 shows, 3 of them only provide services in one sub-district, 7 agencies have care stations over several districts in Shanghai, and 3 agencies provide care services in several cities in China (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu). The sizes of recruited agencies vary from small local station to big chain companies, which represent different models of care agencies in…

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  • National Surveillance Agency Analysis

    The National Surveillance Agency was birthed as a result of alarmist politics. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 inspired a governmental overhaul of its security measures. With the entire world in shock, the United States federal government approached security threats with new governmental programs designed to protect the public. Although the public did not learn about this program until a few years after it was created, this program was the United States’ preemption against terrorists and enemies…

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  • Examples Of Voluntary Agencies In Health Education

    setting such as working for a voluntary health agency and public health agencies. Some of the task performed by health education specialist in the community and public settings include; evaluating program events, fund-raising, committee work, budgeting, grant writing, public speaking and advocacy. Voluntary health agencies are created by concerned citizens to handle their community needs that are not met by the government. Voluntary health agencies typically rely on volunteers and donations.…

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  • The Importance Of The National Security Agency

    There are street cameras everywhere, watching the sidewalks, the cars on the road, and appear at every entrance and exit on public property. We are constantly being observed no matter where go, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With the recent terrorists’ attacks and threats, our society should feel protected by the cameras, knowing that if someone attempts to create chaos, it’ll be easier to capture them if they are caught on video. Even though this is form of protection, the government has…

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  • Summary: Agency Overview And Border Protection

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Agency Overview and Career Opportunities The United States Customs and Border Protection exists as a subordinate organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Although U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) did not exist prior to the Homeland Security Act going into effect in 2003, the Customs and Border Protection still possess a rich history of previous forces that evolved into the modern Customs and Border Protection. The mission, budget,…

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  • Free Will Theory

    ID Number: 160026059 Tutorial Name and Code: Mind and World PY1010 Clotilde Torregrossa Does free will require the ability to do otherwise? I hereby declare that the attached piece of written work is my own work and that I have not reproduced, without acknowledgment, the work of another. In this essay I will refute the notion that the type of free will worth wanting, or the kind that grants us moral responsibility, is not incumbent upon an ability to do otherwise. To do so, I will…

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  • Traditional Travel Agency Case Study

    Since 1841, after Mr. Thomas Cook introduced the Travel Business to the world, traditional travel agencies have operated their businesses as intermediaries between Consumer Travelers and the Travel service suppliers such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, transport providers and other service providers. With the vast development gained by the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) related activities during the recent past, whole new set of challenges and opportunities were immerged in most of the…

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  • Manpower Supply Agency Case Study

    Supply Agency in UAE for help managing crucial business functions. As the years go by, Human Resource Management and administration continues to evolve.…

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