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  • The Pros And Cons Of International Humanitarian Systems

    This quote from a Nepalese affected by the Earthquake in 2015, shows that the international humanitarian system needs a fundamental reorientation from supplying aid to supporting and facilitating communities' own relief and recovery priorities. In addition Nigel Fisher, a former Humanitarian Coordinator talks in this Video, how listening to the voices of local communities affected by disaster is essential and a very important part of humanitarian response. “People who are affected and people…

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  • Mitigation Plan

    objectives of mitigation? The goals and objectives mainly deal with recovery. Mitigation is a disaster plan provides more substantial funding for recovery efforts. Mitigation plays another part in emergency management in support and activity from agencies beyond the circle. The effective use…

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  • Andrew Carnegie's Contribution To The Steel Industry

    Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland. His father Will Carnegie, his mother Margaret, and his younger brother Tom immigrated to united State as a penniless immigrant seeking for a better future after his father faced an economic burden due to the advance of mechanization. They settled in Allegheny city, a suburb of Pittsburg where Carnegie’s mother had relatives. At the age of thirteen, Carnegie started his first job as a bobbin boy to help his family survive.…

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  • Essay On Olympic Drug Testing Should Be Banned

    Olympic drug testing in international athletes is a huge topic on todays Olympic games. A lot of opinions are shared and a lot of problems are to be dealt with. Performance enhancing drugs should be legal to provide better and faster healing, but anti-doping efforts should be betterly enforced for fairness of competitions and legitimacy of gold medal winnings. With the various arguments against doping or with doping, you can 't deny the fact that there are many perils of using performance…

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  • New Orleans Response To Hurricane Katrina

    In 2005 New Orleans’ preparedness was tested to the limits against a natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina was categorized as a 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, which meant that it was an extreme hurricane but that was not the end of it. The aftermath of the hurricane was the worst, all of the citizens living in New Orleans believed the worst was over when the storm calmed down but the worst was yet to come. The response system to aid the survivors of Hurricane Katrina was very slow and we can thank…

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  • The Impact Of Andrew Carnegie And The Gilded Age

    workers striking during his career. Carnegie refused to listen to what the workers wanted to say and he brought in temporary workers until the other workers decided that they weren’t going to get what they wanted. Carnegie hired Pinkerton detective agency to go to where the workers were striking and reopen Carnegie mill with the old workers or with new ones. However, when the detectives were sent on barges, they were spotted and word was sent around and all of the population of Homestead rushed…

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  • Industrial Strikes In The Knights Of Labor's Case

    A factory in Homestead, Pennsylvania which manufactured steel caused one of the biggest turning points towards the creation of the early unions. In this factory, working conditions were oppressive. Workers would work twelve hour shifts in pitch black rooms. Accidents would occur like getting caught in the machinery and losing limbs. Cases of third degree burns from exploding hot steel were common. Unions would form amongst the workers to protect their rights against these casualties. Besides…

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  • Should Nuclear Energy Continue

    the mystery behind the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. The fear that this technology can both be an energy tool and a weapon still lingered on, so during that time in 1957 October 1, The United Nations created the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and prevent the spread of nuclear weapons around the…

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  • Ethics Of Doping In Sports

    Sports Anti-Doping Authority 2011-12 reporting period, of 7196 biological tests conducted only 33 athletes were entered in the Register of Findings for anti-doping rule violations (Engelburg et al, 2015). Concurrently, each year the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) reports less than 2% of athletes test positive for doping. It is assumed that the number of dopers in elite sports is much higher than results indicate (Overbye, 2016). Although athletes support doping testing, and a majority perceive…

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  • Coercive Diplomacy Case Study

    I. Coercive Diplomacy Using coercive diplomacy to avert North Korea’s nuclear proliferation and prevent further action is extremely necessary but it is not efficient enough. I think a more successful way is to create a regimen so that North Korea has no choice but to denuclearize. Schelling states “coercion requires finding a bargain, arranging for him to be better off doing what we want-worse off not doing what we want-when he takes the threatened penalty into account.”1 The goal of coercive…

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