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  • Multi Agency Working Essay

    the opportunity to talk with others comfortably while also getting the right professional support. To do this the centre has to work with multi agencies to get the best outcomes for the children and their families. Children 's centres supply a range of integrated services for children under five, their families and the community they aid. These multi agency services include; Social workers, Health Visitors and Early Years Practitioners, all of which play a key function in early intervention.…

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  • Agency Theory And Stewardship Theory

    the company, interest can be categorized into two theories: agency theory and stewardship theory. Agency theory focuses on fixing the misalignment between shareholders and the board of directors in the running of the company. It states that agents will act with a more personalized selfish interest in mind rather than focusing on the interest of the whole, creating a conflict. On the other hand, stewardship theory is a response to agency theory and states that the manager (steward) will act for…

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  • Regulatory Agencies In Health Care

    governmental agency is a public authority in control for exercising independent authority over human’s action in a controlling or managing capacity. An independent regulatory agency is a regulatory agency that is independent of other branches of the government. The governing of health care plays a big and important role in the management of medical organizations. Within the range of laws and all health agencies with its tasks and all health organizations follow one of these agencies and their…

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  • The Importance Of Multi-Agency Work

    Multi-disciplinary and multi-agency work involves cooperation between several organisations working together to get the best outcome for children and adolescents. Multi-agency work is critical when safeguarding children and youth as it helps to maximise resources that are used and can avoid duplication of services. It is also important because of the need to share information, work together to protect and support children of abuse. Multi-agency is made up of the following professionals, which…

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  • Agency Theory In Nonprofit Organizations

    Agency theory is one of the dominant theories to explain the characteristic and role of board. Earlier, agency theory was developed to explain the dynamics between employees and employers under contractual relationship for providing certain services (Jensen & Meckling, 1976). Scholars rely on behavioral assumptions that people are normally rational and self-interested (Jensen & Meckling, 1976). However, there could be a certain degree of informational asymmetric between groups, and it can cause…

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  • A Career As An Agency Healthcare Assistant

    Assistant after studying Health and Social Care at College. My second job was working alongside nurses in Hospital, as an Agency Healthcare Assistant. This experience has influenced my career decision greatly; this is as it has allowed me to develop a strong insight to the challenges and constraints that come with the satisfying and rewarding role of a nurse. Being an Agency Healthcare Assistant I have experience working in hospitals such as Bradford Royal Infirmary and ST Luke's hospital in…

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  • Advantages Of Integrated Ballistics Identification System

    One is the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS). As stated by the National Police Commission (NPC), IBIS is a system wherein all evidences gathered such as bullets, in the actual scenes of firearm-related cases are encoded and recorded in a database. This system is intended for cross-matching of guns; and, for easier future references especially during investigation and court trials as it has a capability to store, compare, and recall even millions of data entries in the database.…

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  • Principal Agency Case Study

    The Principal Agency Theory Besley and Brigham (2006) stated that principal agency relationship occurs when the owner engages an agent to perform a service on his/her behalf. The principal delegates decision making authority to the agent. In VC financing, the principal-agent relationship do exist between the VC investor and the entrepreneur. Gatsi (2012) asserts that such delegation comes with problems such as goal differences and information asymmetry. The agent, (the portfolio company owners)…

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  • What Are The Main Challenges To Aid Effectiveness

    challenges to aid effectiveness are high complexity, enormous transaction costs, lack of strategic and holistic approaches, and lack of country ownership. High complexity involves the coordination between numerous international aid agencies, and within those aid agencies. The United States, for example, has been said to have contradictory, as well as competing, objectives within its aid system. This system, therefore, is said to be “disjointed and increasingly difficult to manage.” Enormous…

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  • Ming Dynasty Spy Agencies

    The spy agencies of the Ming During the Ming Dynasty, there were many Spy agencies developed by different emperors. They are the Eastern Depot Factory, Western Depot Factory and the Jinyiwei (Emperors’ personal bodyguards). Each were created for its own purpose and to each agency. Eastern Depot was created by Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth son Zhu Di. Western Depot was created by Zhu Jian Shen, Ming Dynasty’s eighth emperor. The most famous Jinyiwei was created by Hong Wu Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang himself…

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