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  • Contextual Influences In Accounting

    programs that will ultimately get them accredited. The technological context that I have grown in has been one of constant change and development. As with many other professions, technological advancements have changed the nature of work that accountants do, with many of the data input processes that needed to be performed manually now done automatically through cloud accounting. As new software comes into play, the accounting profession will continue to transform and the technological…

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  • Pre-IFRS Development Factors

    accounting profession and its counterparts in Anglo-American countries, including. • Ministry of Finance plays a major role in developing financial reporting standards in Japan and the influence of the Japanese Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (JICPA) in this respect has been minor compared to in Anglo-American countries. • Due to German influence in Japan’s accounting regulation, financial reporting is heavily influenced by the Japanese government through the commercial code and…

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  • Accounting Career Research Paper

    An accountant is defined as a person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts. The role of an accountant can vary from company to company. To most being an accountant seems like a pretty boring job, but it involves much more than you may think. If your goal in life is to become an accountant there are certain requirements and skills needed to get into this profession. The first step is having the right degree. The five most accepted degrees are Accounting, Auditing, Business, Finance…

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  • MCS Case Study

    An accountant is needed to deal with the firm’s day- to- day financial recording and set up some management accounting system. Also, currently HD relies solely on financial information to evaluate performance. Thus, broader- scope of information, i.e non-financial…

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  • My Objectives Of Internship

    1.0 Objective of internship 1.1 Specific KSA and personal goals On 26 December 2016, I, WEI CHENGPEI, obtain an internship opportunity to work in the finance department of Shanghai HeYu Trading Co. (HeYu). During this internship period, I aim to achieve four key skill areas that are the business awareness, professional judgment, application of technical skill and communication skill that set by the university. Initially, I want to be an accounting staff but turn out the intern position I…

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  • The Firm Chapter Analysis

    all of his business development systems “working on all cylinders.” This chapter gives the student an idea of how to “think like a partner” and start early on networking and developing business contacts. Jack’s experiences help to show that if an accountant intends to become a partner at a firm one day, they must have a business development…

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  • Goldman Sacks Case Study

    The stakeholders for Goldman Sacks Corporation include the elderly couple, as investors and the CPA financial advisor as the employee of Goldman Sacks. As a CPA, the financial advisor must adhere to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct as well as act in the most ethical way. The Code of Professional Conduct requires one to perform due care, competence, professional skepticism and professional judgement. The preferred products sold through Goldman Sacks come with the best commissions and as the…

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  • Case Study: A Career In Auditing

    During, May, 2015, Barbara whitely had obtained a master’s degree in Accounting. After Barbara had received her degree she had begun a career as an audit professional at Green, Thresher &CO., CPAs. During Mrs. Whitely first year at Green, Thresher& CO., CPAs, Mrs. Whitely was working on an audit for Delancey Fabrics. In addition, the Delancey Fabric’s company is a textile manufacturing company. Furthermore, everyone on the audit team wear aggressively working overtime every week to meet the…

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  • Merrill Lynch: A Career

    On June 8th, 2015, I started my job at Merrill Lynch. When working men and women think about their career, they would think that two and a half years is just a hiccup. To me though, it has been my entire working career. A career, it is hard to think that I already have a career at 21 years old. I truly believe that Merrill Lynch will be my home for a very long time. I work with very successful people on a daily basis at Merrill Lynch. I have been able to perform well enough over the past two…

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  • Inventing The University By David Bartholomae

    indexes, databases, websites) that is what’s required in the business field. With this in mind, I have chosen to study the way G.R. Cluskey, Jr. and Alan C. Vaux (1997) have formed their essay “Is Seasonal Stress a Career Choice of Professional Accountants?” as an example of business writing.…

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