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  • Mentality In Hamlet

    way of motivation. Hardships in life, normally occur in pairs. The ability to conquer these bumps, takes a lot of strength and the right mentality. Usually, people are too focused on the present and their problems, they ignore the idea of tomorrow being better or different. A individual who is always content and able to adjust quickly, might miss the seriousness of the matter in hand. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet, feels every hardship that comes his way. For him, the cluster of bad…

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  • Predictive Marketing

    generates a comprehensive report. The report is pushed back into the data system in the form of inputs that improve the accuracy of next set of outputs. Hence, the predictive marketing will deliver better results tomorrow than it delivered yesterday. Also, it will save more of your time and efforts tomorrow than it saves them today. The machine learning automatically improves the efficiency of your sales and marketing processes.…

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  • Analysis Of I Too By Langston Hughes

    The poem “I,Too” doesn’t leave out a segment of society. It is more realistic and focuses on the good and the bad. In the lines “I am the darker brother. / They send me to eat in the kitchen/ When company comes” (Hughes 2-4), the narrator is treated as a second class citizen, not being able to be around company. He points out with the words “darker brother” that he is of a different color, but still in the human family. This is also an example of irony because he is sent…

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  • Short Story Of Hymn's Dream

    player in the middle school before she was in middle school. She started on the team as a 5th grader! Sydney has also led the team to the championship 2 times, and has won the championship both times. “Sydney, I wish I was as good as you at basketball”, Brynn told Sydney. “It’s all about practice, you just have to practice until you get better, and maybe you will be as good as me”, Sydney told Brynn. “Is that how you got so good at basketball?”, asked Brynn. “Sure is Brynn”, Sydney…

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  • Hospitality In Homer's The Odyssey

    blossoming into friends. It can learn that anyone you encounter in life is facing their own battles and could always run to open arms when in need. From the more negative experiences throughout the Odyssey, my culture can learn that there’s always a better way to handle a person who creates an issue or doesn’t agree with you. Hospitality is a two-way street, a good guest as well as host, can realize that it takes the efforts of both to create a pleasant…

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  • A Patriarchal Symbolism In I Too Sing America

    In fact, it has somewhat of a foreshadowing of the future that leads the reader to feel a sense of impending triumph. He starts with the single word “Tomorrow”(8) which has a connotation of nearness or a allusion that the future would be as near as “Tomorrow”(8). He continue by stating “I’ll sit at the table”(9) which represents that his days of “eat[ing] in the kitchen”(3) will soon be over, and he will be able to sit at the “table”(9) of equality. The…

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  • Diary Entry On The Silk Road

    place to stay again. Chen october, 5, 209 Today I think that I am going to buy some of the orange tree seeds so that I can start a early retirement and so that I don't have to wait to buy some tomorrow. Today I couldn't find them and so I think I am going to just have to buy grape seeds and wait until tomorrow to get some orange tree seeds and I partially think that there is a trader here who even trades for seeds. Another thing I would like…

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  • Insomnia Sleep: Symptoms And Causes

    Insomnia can effect ones life because without restorative sleep they can’t focus during the day and they become irritable. Some causes of insomnia are stress, nervousness, anxiousness and physical or health discomfort. (National Sleep Foundation pg.2) But, their happens to be natural remedies and treatments that can one use to gain restorative sleep at night.…

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  • Franklin D Roosevelt Research Paper Outline

    this man made hope, opportunity, and justice our nation’s national commitment. He found ways to problems that no one else could and he did what was necessary for everyone. In his 4 terms of presidency he led America through The Great Depression and WW 2. This man is none other than Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office in 1932, just 3 years after The Great Depression began. Roosevelt, with the help of Congress, made a series of programs known as the New Deal. The New Deal…

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  • My Family

    It was always a mystery to see what would happen next in my family. From traveling coast to coast in the United States, to visiting Europe, and my favorite which was Canada, my family was always up to something whether it be good or bad. Family to me was something that I could never withstand being apart from. I loved my parents, Richard and Barbara, but I was closer to my older sister Misty. Misty and I were closer than any other siblings have ever been in the existence of this earth. Dad and…

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