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It was a warm dry sunny day, in San Francisco where the CIncinnati Reds were taking the field for practise. There was someone named Billy. He was a very kind, thoughtful, and sweet person. He looked a little different than other people. He had a mental disability. Even though he had a mental disability he was the best player at the practise by far, and everybody knew. A couple hours later there was another player who came, his name was Josh. When Josh had arrived he overheard people saying that Billy was the best player here, even Josh’s friends. Josh has always been the best player and now he has some competition. Coach Green planned a 2 hour practise, but Billy and Josh were the

only ones to stay and keep practising. After a couple hours it got too dark that they had to


The next day they had practise at Cincinnati, and Coach Green had the starting lineup

hanging in the locker room. Billy and Josh had both played third base so they were the first one to go look at it. The person who was starting first base was… Billy. Billy shook Josh’s hand and said “no hard
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“Hit a homerun” Billy said excitedly. “I will” Josh replied. The first pitch swing and a miss, the second pitch swing and a miss, and the third pitch swing and a………Hit a hard hit but was it enough to be a homerun? The ball was going going and….. GONE!!!!! Josh had hit himself a walk off home run. When he hit it he looked over at Billy and said, “That was for you man”
Billy smiled. When they got to the locker rooms they had dumped water on him and, Billy told Josh that it was good playing with him, and Josh had agreed. Billy and Josh had became friends, but there was no more games left. Billy and Josh had agreed to hang out before the next season. “I will see you next season Josh”
“See you man, i’m going to miss you” They had left, and they had figured out that “Teamwork is just as important as

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